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Device setup


Flash the device to OS2008 Finish the setup of the device. You can cancel after you the setup program wants you to pair a phone

Setup WIFI

From the home screen, select a wifi gateway On the device launch terminal, and type /sbin/ifconfig look for wlan0, and find the "inet addr".

Install SSH

From the Home Screen, click on "Settings/Application Manager" In the upper left corner, click on the application menu "Tools/Application Catalog" Select "maemo Extras", and click Edit Unclick the "Disabled" checkbox and click OK Click Close and then Accept the dialog that says "Refresh application list"

Click Browse installable applications Click "All" Scroll down until you see "openssh" (there is also openssh-client, and openssh-server, those are just subpackages that will be included if you simply select "openssh). Select openssh, and click install. Confirm that you want to install openssh Click ok when it asks you to worry about untrusted software. Select a root password. Remember it. Seriously. Click Ok, and close the Application Manager.

Put the device away now. The rest of the configuration is done over SSH.

From the desktop

open a terminal, sssh into the inet address found above.

type `apt-get update` type `apt-get upgrade` and press Y when it ask you to confirm.

also install:

python2.5 python2.5-dev

Download install this into python:

Talos Set up

1) Install the Nginx web server from [1]. I choose Nginx because there is a precompiled version available. If we find that this does not work, we probably can cross-compile apache or lighttpd for testing purposes.

2) Copy talos to /media/mmc2/talos

Remember that on the n810, space is tight. You may have to uncompress the distribution somewhere off the device, then scp it to your device. Or you can just go buy a 8gb card.

3) Make sure that that configure file points to the right places. The important pieces are:

firefox:  /root/fennec/fennec
process_name: fennec
extra_args: ""

4) As root, start nginx:


5) Create a link to the talos page set in /var/www:

ln -s /media/mmc2/talos/page_load_test/ /var/www/page_load_test

6) run talos.

python2.5 sample.config

Known Issues

Note that you must use the [patch]. Soon this should just be part of the standard talos install.

I have found that I needed to increase the |sleep| time to 60 in various places in the talos source. Doing a search for "sleep", you will find a few places. We need to identify which places are requirement and what the smallest value is. See [bug]

It takes a LONG time.

It might be that we are running out of entropy, especially for the startup tests. This isn't safe for users. On the device, you should do this as root:

mv /dev/random /dev/chaos
ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random

Also, we can disable the OS from regulating the CPU:

echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor