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The explosion of webkit is creating more webkit mobile optimized web sites out there. We'd like to understand which sites are doing this, and how can we substitute mozilla css properties in place. The mobile Evangelism team is interested in a tool that could help automate entering in and retrieving web content against Fennec, so we can determine more information around user agent sniffing, screenshots, and css properties being used.


  • P1: automatically feed in a bunch of sites from a file
    • P2: some front end page to enter in a website or import a bulk list of selected websites
  • P1: tool can parse out css properties if the site is using them and tell us what they are
  • P1: tool can determine what User Agents the site is sniffing
    • UA's in order of highest priority to lowest:
   Fennec UA 
   iPhone/mobile safari
   Android stock
   Android Chrome 
   Desktop Firefox?  (low priority)
  • P1: Metrics reporting: (See "Tracking Progress Though Effective Metrics")
    • store simple pass/fail results in MozTrap, link to more extensive auto-generated per-site reports as necessary in an external tool
    • generate overall report summarizing results: e.g. what % of sites use X CSS property that we have trouble with, etc.
  • P2: Compare results against other browsers (fennec, Chrome Android, Stock Android, Safari Iphone)
  • P2: tool can take screenshots of pages and save a copy somewhere to be viewed
    • deep link through websites, for sites with logins, we can create test accounts
    • does not need to be ran often, maybe once every few weeks
    • separate website can be used for input if needed


  • aiming for mid July (Q3) to complete P1's


  • Developer: Carl Meyer
  • QA: Aaron Train
  • PM: Lawrence Mandel
  • Others: Clint Talbert, Tony Chung