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Game On II: Mobile

Project tracking bug: Bug 666011

Launch: Q1 2012
EOL: Q3 2012

Summary: Host a mobile game developer contest and award the top submissions.

  • Goal 1: Showcase Firefox as the platform to build fast, powerful and beautiful mobile web apps
    KPI: 30+ submissions, 10 of which are quality examples
  • Goal 2: Relay HTML5 capabilities to mobile users
    KPI: usage and sharing metrics
  • Goal 3: Host them in the Firefox App Store

Key Message

Game On II will show off Firefox for Android's innovative Web capabilities for mobile developers who want to build compelling games and sites. Similar to Game On I, the emphasis will still be on the Web (not so much on the Firefox product).

Timeline and Milestones

  • Firefox 9 - Dec 20
  • Firefox 10 - Jan 31

Feature Requirements

Games can be written as mobile web apps! A list of things we need in Fennec to enable that:

  • Touch events - Single Fx 7, Multi Fx 10(?)
  • Fast WebGL - no estimate yet
  • Fast JavaScript
  • Typed array PICs on ARM
  • Type Inference - Fx 9, possibly Fx 10
  • Allow drag touch events (i.e., we don't pan to the sidebars) -Landed
  • Web apps - Fx 9
  • Fullscreen mode - Landed but not implemented


  • Make images more mobile centric
  • Update copy and content
  • Tone: Fun, techie, popular mobile games references?


We'd like to recycle the design and framework from the previous Labs - Game On site:

  • Requirement: Touch friendly site design for mobile viewing and gaming

Developer Incentives

  • Features app in Firefox App Store
  • Scholarship to the Firefox Forward mentorship program
  • Possible prizes: Comic Con, mobile devices, video cards, gaming consoles

The Team

  • Product Owner: Jaclyn Fu
  • Technical Project Manager: TBD
  • Mobile Resource: Alon
  • Web developers: TBD
  • Labs Resource: TBD


Morgamic (webdev)
Jason Grlicky (web design)
Pascal (Game On 1 sponsor)
Julie (Game On 1 project manager)
Dees (partnerships)
James Socol (webdev)
Thomas (mobile)
Alon (mobile)
Mike Alexis (webdev)
Carmen (content)


October 4, 2011 - Project kick off