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Fennec M7 Notes

The scope for M7 is described in the Fennec requirements. Note that we did not hit all the items listed for M6, but 2 outstanding tasks are in the review process and close to landing. Items not marked complete are pushed to the next milestone.

M7 has a few new browser UI additions and many bug fixes, including:

  • Initial Add-on Manager support has landed. Tap "+" button in the sidebar to display the Add-on Manager. Use it to install, view and remove add-ons. Use the application menu button to dismiss the panel. Clicking on an add-on XPI in a webpage will also display the manager. The current UX design is not final.
  • The top URL bar has been changed to work as designed: The bar will scroll into view at the top of the web content or will float over content otherwise.
  • Support for kinetic scrolling has been added to the web content.
  • Support for non-modal Password Manager UI was added.
  • Some tabbed browsing fixes.
  • Some zooming fixes.
  • Some stability fixes.

There has been a lot of work on the underlying performance of XULRunner on Maemo. Also, many patches for XULRunner on Windows Mobile have been landing.

Note: M7 supports the Maemo chinook & diablo distributions.

Tips on installing