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Status Report for Fennec - Tracking Protection - for the week of 15/07/15 - 21/07/15

Overall Project Health

This Week Last Week



Exec Summary/Hot Topics

  • The team is progressing on-track overall for the release. At 53% of the way through the release period in terms of schedule, 52% of the currently scoped work has been completed, and 19% is in progress.
  • Status remains Yellow due to 20% of the work (2 items) currently in blocked state. See 'Risks & Issues' for more details.

Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Team assigned is not 100% dedicated to Tracking Protection work, which has potential to impact ability to complete work Open Margaret, Jenn Monitor how the team is doing in terms of meeting commitment for Tracking Protection, and discuss adjusting other workload as neccessary Ongoing for the release
Eng is blocked on 1175977 as the list of required telemetry probes has not yet been defined Open Product Management Desktop and mobile should then align accordingly. Question outstanding on whether telemetry should be enabled at all for Tracking Protection. July 27th
Eng is blocked on 1177612 as the design decisions have not yet been finalized Open UX & Product Management Agreement needs to be reached between UX, Product and Eng Mgt on best was to display contextual hint. Some questions outstanding around consistency in displaying such hints throughout the app. July 27th

Accomplished for the Last Period

  • Landed Bug 1173624
  • Cleared the backlog in the review queue from the last iteration

Planned for Last Period but Not Accomplished

  • Did not land 1177576 yet. Planned for second half of the iteration period.

Planned for the Upcoming Period

Status Details

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