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Getting the Tests

Edit your mozconfig to contain the following lines:

ac_add_options --enable-tests

Get the source and build according to instructions.

to learn more about the tests, visit the MDC Guide]

Porting tests to N800

With changes from bug 421611 we have made this process much simpler.

If following directions for running fennec on N800/N810 devices, you will need to package up the tests from the xulrunner directory and the test harness from the source tree:

cd $(xul_objdir)
make package-tests
cd dist
bunzip2 xulrunner-*tests.tar.bz2
scp xulrunner-*tests.tar root@<deviceip>:/media/mmc1

On the device, untar the xulrunner-*tests.tar in your test directory alongside the fennec-*.tar:

cd /media/mmc1
mkdir unittests
mv fennec-*.tar unittests
mv xulrunner-*tests.tar unittests
cd unittests
tar -xvf fennec-*.tar
tar -xvf xulrunner-*tests.tar

Running Chrome tests on Fennec

Chrome tests are run just like mochitests except they have the --chrome flag set on the command line when launching.

python /media/mmc1/unittests/mochitest/ --autorun --close-when-done --chrome --utility-path=/media/mmc1/unittests/bin --appname=/media/mmc1/unittests/fennec/fennec --xre-path=/media/mmc1/unittests/fennec/xulrunner --certificate-path=/media/mmc1/unittests/certs --log-file=logs/log_content.txt

The Chrome tests will fail when run on a device. This is because we don't have enough memory available to load the whole set of tests into memory and execute.

To work around this, we run a subset of tests at a time. We have found that running one subdirectory under the chrome/ folder works out well. Once we have a --test-path that works for directories in chrome, we can do this easier. At the moment, we remove all files from the chrome/ directory and move the files over one directory at a time:

cd /media/mmc1/unittests/mochitest
cp -R chrome chrome.bak

## NOTE: you need to do the following steps in a look for each directory
## dirs: [content, docshell, dom, toolkit, widget]
rm -Rf chrome/*
cp -R chrome.bak/content chrome/

We have created a framework to wrap the unittests maemkit which makes this a little bit easier. Keeping the above example, you need to copy the maemkit files to /media/mmc1/maemkit.

Now Edit the /media/mmc1/maemkit/maemkit.cfg file:

xre-path = /media/mmc1/unittests/fennec/xulrunner
appname = /media/mmc1/unittests/fennec/fennec
total-clients = 1
client-number = 1
logdir = logs
ostype = linux

autorun = True
close-when-done = True
utility-path = /media/mmc1/unittests/bin
certificate-path = /media/mmc1/unittests/certs
backupdir = chrome.bak
testroot = /media/mmc1/unittests/mochitest
log-file = log_chrome.txt

Now execute the tests:

cd /media/mmc1/maemkit
python --testtype=chrome

You can view the results in /media/mmc1/maemkit/log_chrome.txt


  • HACK: in order to work around bugs bug 472334 and bug 472341, we need to turn on sessionhistory by setting a user_pref("browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers", -1) in
  • HACK: in order to get a [session store test] running, we need to set in and change domstorage_global.js#88 from 32767 to 8191 in the for loop