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Development Detail

  • Release 59 has 5 Sprints (10 calendar weeks, ~7 normal working weeks though) and we are in the 5th Sprint:
    • SPRINT#59.1: W46.1 (Nov. 13) ~ W47.7 (Nov. 26)
    • SPRINT#59.2: W48.1 (Nov. 27) ~ W49.7 (Dec. 10)
    • SPRINT#59.3: W50.1 (Dec. 11) ~ W51.7 (Dec. 24), 3 normal working days due to Austin all-hands, and the Mozilla year-end holidays
    • SPRINT#59.4: W52.1 (Dec. 25) ~ W01.7 (Jan. 07), 3 normal working days, due to the Mozilla year-end holidays
    • SPRINT#59.5: W02.1 (Jan. 08) ~ W03.7 (Jan. 21)
Sprint#59.4 Goal
  • Secure Beta 58 feature quality (e.g., PWA)
  • Bug fixing for important crashes and features
Sprint#59.5 MVP: 2 Bugs
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks
1403754 Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ''android.view.View android.view.ViewStub.inflate()'' on a null object reference at org.mozilla.gecko.home.BrowserSearch.showSuggestionsOptIn( RESOLVED WONTFIX
1405192 Crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Trying to start session but it is already started at org.mozilla.gecko.telemetry.measurements.SessionMeasurements.recordSessionStart( VERIFIED FIXED Vlad Baicu

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (50%); 1 Verified (50%);

Sprint#59.5 BACKLOG
Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks
1423587 PWA with expired security certificate should open in browser RESOLVED INCOMPLETE Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) 1430731 1212648
1427771 Blank screen when youtube exits from full-screen in custom tabs VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla)
1430731 [PWA] PWA with mixed content homepage opens 2 tabs RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) 1212648, 1423587

3 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (66.67%); 1 Verified (33.33%);

Bug Priority/Uplift Management

In general we'd target to land only on Nightly (both fixes and features), and land on Beta when requested/really have to. With that idea we adopt a similar way of the P-system that P1 means "this Nightly cycle" while P2 refers to the "future Nightly cycles". Whiteboard tags involved with above principle are:

  • For bugs considered in a specific Sprint, 3 tags will be added
    • [FNC]: short for "Fennec"
    • [SPT#XX]: Stands for the Sprint number XX (each Sprint period is defined in above)
    • [MVP] or [BL] or [INT]: stands for "MVP (must have)", "BackLog" (may have), and "INTerrupt (unplanned)", respectively
    • For example a bug with whiteboard [FNC][SPT#57.1][MVP] means it's a bug we targe to get resolved in Sprint #57.1.
  • For bugs that we intend to uplift to Beta, we'll add both "[FNC]" and "[PLANNED_UPLIFT]" in the whiteboard field. So people (e.g., Release Management) can get the visibility of potential uplifts for tracking.

Quality Assurance

Point of Contact

  • Product Management: Joe Cheng, Andreas Boven
  • User Experience: Jack Lin (General), Mark Liang (PWA), Bryant Mao (Leanplum, Onboarding), Carol Huang, Anthony Lam
  • Engineering: Nevin Chen, Max Liu, Sebastian Kaspari, Grisha Kruglov
  • Quality Assurance: Ioana Chiorean (Test Lead)
  • Program Management: Wesly Huang

  • Note
    • The above contacts are more front-end focus, and for platform relevant James Willcox (:snorp) will be the best go-to person.
    • For overall program management that you're unsure if it belongs to front-end, please feel free to ping Wesly Huang and Nicole Yee.


  • Weekly Status Sync
    • Front-end @Tuesday 3:00PM (GMT+8) Notes
    • Dev. Overall @Monday 5:30PM PST Vidyo: Mobile
    • QA Status @Thursday 4:00PM (GMT+8) Notes
  • Weekly Triage: Triage Wiki
    • Session#1 @Wednesday 1:00AM PST Vidyo: Mobile
    • Session#2 @Wednesday 9:30AM PST Vidyo: Mobile

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