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Fx 17 - Making Things Easy


Contacts and Stakeholders

  • Karen Rudnitski: product management
  • Erin Lancaster: project management
  • Mark Finkle: Front End Engineering Manager
  • Brad Lassey: Platform Engineering Manager
  • Kevin Brosnan: Mobile QA Lead
  • Ian Barlow: UX Design
  • Alex Keybl: Release Manager
  • Tyler: SUMO

Key Selling Points

  • Accessibility
  • Extended media decoding support (H.264)
  • Device support expansion into ARMv6 (800MHz, 512MB, HVGA)

Value Proposition

  • Supporting an even larger breadth of devices
  • Striving to be the favourite browser for accessibility

Purpose and Scope

  • Expanding TAM
  • Supporting our visually-impaired audience
  • Ensuring flash support

Feature Tracking

Quality Benchmarks

  • Release to GA
    • Less than 5 crashes per ADU
  • Media decoding
    • Web compatibility results on the top 100 Alexa sites

System Requirements

  • Phones & Tablets
    • ARMv7 & ARMv6, 800 MHz, 512 MB, HVGA, OpenGL