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Untriaged Bugs

Bugs in the GeckoView product that have no priority:

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bugs with a GeckoView whiteboard tag (without a ":p" priority):

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ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1563990 Load more comments JS on behaving strangely [geckoview]

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Fennec bugs without a GeckoView whiteboard tag (like [geckoview-] for non-GeckoView bugs):

Current Sprint

November highlights:

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Bugs with [geckoview:m1911] (November) whiteboard tag in the GV component:

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Resolution ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1530402 GeckoView support for {Page,Browser}Action web-extension API [geckoview:m1910] [geckoview:m1911] :Agi | ⏰ PST | he/him
1582185 Add GeckoView support for installing/uninstalling extensions [geckoview:m1911] :Agi | ⏰ PST | he/him
1594820 Improve asynchronicity of content process startup [geckoview:m1911] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
1561041 When navigating to Google maps the location is not detected after granting the `appPermissionRequest` and the `contentPermissionRequest` [geckoview:m1911] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1577005 Add commit support for autofill [geckoview:m1910] [geckoview:m1911] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1591737 Add isFocused info to Autofill elements. [geckoview:m1911] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1592047 Add visibility info to Autofill elements [geckoview:m1911] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1593069 GV API for autofill storage [geckoview:m1911] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1503656 Android cutout support for CSS env() safe area insets [geckoview:m1910] [geckoview:m1911] Makoto Kato [:m_kato]
1569007 Text input problems in Fenix and Focus+GV: cursor jumps around, characters are duplicated [geckoview:m1911] Makoto Kato [:m_kato]
1574231 Create tests for GeckoVRManager [geckoview:m1911] Randall Barker [:rbarker]
1588581 Black Flash When Navigating Away From GV in Browser Fragment to other Fragment [geckoview:m1911] James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him)
1594905 GeckoInputStream read() method not throwing IOException [geckoview:m1911] James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him)
FIXED 1596186 Request to close all extension pages when an extension is removed [geckoview:m1911] :Agi | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1590435 Preventing default for click events on GeckoView browsers prevents <select> options from opening [geckoview:m1911] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
FIXED 1591462 Refactor autofill mechanics into an Autofill API [geckoview:m1911] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
FIXED 1555337 Indicate if a URL change has been caused by a user interaction. [geckoview:m1910] [geckoview:m1911] James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him)
FIXED 1595144 GeckoInputStream should throw if you try to read() after close() [geckoview:m1911] James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him)
FIXED 1595145 should timeout [geckoview:m1911] James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him)
FIXED 1578942 Add the ability to completely throttle rAF rate using GeckoSession#setActive(false) [geckoview:m1911] Thomas Wisniewski [:twisniewski] (PTO Nov.18-22)

20 Total; 20 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bugs with [geckoview:m1911] (November) whiteboard tag outside the GV component:

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Resolution ID Component Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
FIXED 1562761 IPC Bind the Android process launcher to a single owner thread [geckoview:m1911] Bobby Holley (:bholley)
FIXED 1586144 Layout Use the viewport size including maximum possible dynamic toolbar size to resolve viewport units even if the dynamic toobar is hidden and make ICB size static whatever the dynamic toolbar state is [geckoview:m1911] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro)

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Sprint Planning

Crash reports: