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Release Timeline

GV Version Development Starts Development Ends Beta Release
88 2021-02-18 2021-03-17 2021-03-22 2021-04-20
89 2021-03-18 2021-04-14 2021-04-19 2021-05-18
90 2021-04-15 2021-05-12 2021-05-17 2021-06-15
91 2021-05-13 2021-06-09 2021-06-14 2021-07-13
92 2021-06-10 2021-07-07 2021-07-12 2021-08-10

Untriaged Bugs

Bugs in the GeckoView product that have no priority:

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1694730 GeckoView needs a notification for browser apps to restore the dynamic toolbar state
1695051 Add /security folder to the native-debugging.rst doc Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Fennec bugs without a GeckoView whiteboard tag (like [geckoview-] for non-GeckoView bugs):

Current Release

GV 88 highlights:

Release development runs Feb 18th 2021 - Mar 17th 2021

Open bugs with [geckoview:m88] (GV 88) whiteboard tag in the GV component:

Full Query
Rank ID Summary Component Whiteboard
1 1637597 Crash in [@ java.lang.Exception: at org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue.GeckoLoader.loadGeckoLibsNative(Native Method)] General [geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88]
3 1658818 Startup crash on ASan builds General [geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88]
3 1691101 Remove jcenter/bintray from android-gradle-dependencies task General [geckoview:m88][fenix:p1]
4 1677197 Enable mochitests/reftests/WPT for Android Fission and add necessary skip-if/fail-if annotations General [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88]
5 1693477 GeckoViewPushController returns failure NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS (Not enough arguments) General [geckoview:m88]
5 1522878 LeakCanary is not compatibled with isolatedProcess Security: Process Sandboxing [geckoview:m88]
6 1604450 Youtube fullscreen mode is exited when playing the next video General [geckoview:m88]
6 1668952 Can't upload photos from the photo gallery on General [geckoview:m88]
7 1689329 Mobile youtube-playback tests failures and crashes General [geckoview:m88]
7 1573860 Fenix/GeckoView does not send samesite=strict cookies when opening a site directly from the location bar General [geckoview:m88]
8 1620079 Large amounts of time are spent in module import when starting Fenix (applink) General [qf:p1:responsiveness][geckoview:m76][geckoview:m77][geckoview:m88]

11 Total; 11 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Assigned bugs for GV 88:

Full Query
ID Summary Component Whiteboard Assigned to
1567341 Run GeckoView xpcshell tests in Android service General [geckoview:m82][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
1686514 Android Asan build is not debuggable General [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
1688062 Update the target SDK to 30 to support Android 11 General [geckoview:m88] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
1691799 Bump GV Nightly process count to 40 General [geckoview:m88] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
1658988 Failure while redirecting and calling window.close() GeckoViewExample [fuzzblocker][geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] [:owlish] 🦉 PST
1693416 ContentDelegate.onKill and ContentDelegate.onCrash time out in Isolated Process General [geckoview:m88] [:owlish] 🦉 PST
1543720 Enable the Storage Access API on GeckoView General [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1654832 Overhaul content permissions handling in GV General [geckoview:m81][geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1685486 SessionState.fromString() throws JSONException (typeMismatch) General [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1693682 Use SessionStoreListener in GeckoView rather than SessionStateAggregator General [geckoview:m88] [fission:android:m3] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1691821 Refactor the Form Autofill system extension for reusable cross-platform components Autocomplete [geckoview:m88] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1691819 Extend the GV Autocomplete API to support credit cards and addresses General [geckoview:m88] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1693584 Deprecate GeckoView MediaElement API General [geckoview:m88] Eugen Sawin [:esawin]
1678505 Extend the return value from PanZoomController.onTouchEventForResult to give enough information to handle pull-to-refresh General [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro)

14 Total; 14 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Closed bugs for GV88:

Full Query
Resolution ID Summary Component Whiteboard Assigned to
FIXED 1533194 Remove dependency from palette-v7 in GeckoView General [geckoview:m88] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1690384 Improve verbosity of error codes in loadGeckoLibsNative General [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
FIXED 1581971 Teach `mach run` about `--debug` and friends for `mobile/android` Mach Core [geckoview:p1][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m88] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
FIXED 1684923 [1538348 subtask 6] Implement onChange event Extensions [geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88] [:owlish] 🦉 PST

4 Total; 4 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bugs closed during period (Feb 18th 2021 - Mar 17th 2021) not tagged to release:

Full Query
Resolution ID Component Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
FIXED 1609198 General geckoview-junit should collect and parse logcat logs Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1692058 General Running multiple junit classes locally is broken Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1694179 General Crash in [@ mozilla::java::GeckoAppShell::GetNetworkLinkType] [geckoview:m89] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1695056 General Don't use TelephonyManager.getNetworkType Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
FIXED 1650705 General Don't fire input event before firing startcomposition Makoto Kato [:m_kato]

5 Total; 5 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bugs with P1 priority not assigned to the current sprint:

Full Query
Resolution ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1673511 [Bug] weird sticky keyboard pop up behaviour Makoto Kato [:m_kato]

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

GeckoView bugs not scheduled for current release we are tracking with other teams:

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1570693 Make --jsdebugger and --wait-for-jsdebugger work in GeckoView consuming Apps [geckoview]
1635720 Crash in [@ mozilla::BufferList<T>::IterImpl::Data] [geckoview]
1640738 TypeError: can't access property "canGoBack", this.webNavigation is null [geckoview]
1642864 Obsolete references to Snackbars.jsm in aboutSupport.js [geckoview]
1645841 Crash in [@ core::option::expect_failed | webrender_api::resources::ApiResources::update_blob_image] [geckoview][retriggered][stockwell unknown] Andrew Osmond [:aosmond]
1648079 White space at bottom of GeckoView [geckoview] [fenix:p1][geckoview:toolbar]
1648843 scrolling performance regression for specific site on nightly + webrender [geckoview]
1655069 CSP/XFO error pages should offer an option to visit the page directly on Android [geckoview]
1672495 Don't flash nested-subframe scrollbars on inital page reflow [geckoview]

9 Total; 9 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bugs that are Fenix P1 and P2 priorities

Open Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Component Whiteboard Assigned to
1538348 [meta] Implement the |downloads| API Extensions [geckoview:m78][fenix:p2][geckoview:m79] [geckoview:m80] [geckoview:m81][geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84]
1548116 When playing video horizontally, the screen is black Graphics [fenix:p1][geckoview:m76] Jamie Nicol [:jnicol]
1575184 livestream - Video constantly restart Mobile [fenix:p1] [sitewait]
1619678 Geckoview asks for camera/mic permission when it shouldn't Audio/Video: Playback [geckoview:p1][fenix:p1]
1625585 Sites added to ContentBlockingAllowList still appear to show blocked content in ContentBlockingLog Privacy: Anti-Tracking [fenix:p1][fxr:p1]
1648079 White space at bottom of GeckoView Layout [geckoview] [fenix:p1][geckoview:toolbar]
1670279 Mark canonical redirects in IHistory.visitUri DOM: Navigation [fenix:p1]
1679315 Rendering issues on Mobile [fenix:p1]
1682319 [meta] Android killing content process aggressively on some devices (low on memory) General [fenix:p1]
1687823 [Bug] White screen displayed when minimizing Suggested logins menu Graphics [fenix:p2]
1689369 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::jni::StringParam::GetString] General [fenix:p1]
1691101 Remove jcenter/bintray from android-gradle-dependencies task General [geckoview:m88][fenix:p1]

12 Total; 12 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Fenix P1/P2 bugs fixed in the past 3 releases.

Full Query
Resolution Target milestone ID Summary Assigned to Last resolved
FIXED 82 Branch 1564451 Camera remains active when the app is in background or the phone is locked Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him 2020-09-12T09:43:04Z
FIXED --- 1672204 Swiping on google maps' bottom sheet returns INPUT_RESULT_HANDLED James Willcox (:snorp) ( (he/him) 2020-11-04T22:43:46Z

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Release Planning

Nominated bugs for Firefox 89 release:

Full Query
Rank ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
No cf_rank 1523577 GeckoNetworkManager is not compatible with isolatedProcess [geckoview:m89] [:owlish] 🦉 PST
No cf_rank 1657380 CSS screen.height seems wrong [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1659481 Move Media Session module to actors [geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85] [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1681139 [Bug] Page on makes Fenix close itself [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1682599 [Bug] Selection Action Menu doesn't work on some videos [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1685556 Move app_tmpdir ($TMPDIR) to cache to allow users to free up space on their Android device [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1686116 Dispatch "user-interaction-active" and "user-interaction-inactive" notifications to Gecko observer as appropriate [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1686747 Not able to login on openmediavault [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1689612 WebAuthn does not specify the authenticator type during attestation [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1690037 Provide a download API on onContextMenu [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1690296 Provide API to let apps know when the page changes so that they can display the dynamic toolbar again [geckoview:toolbar][geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1692405 [Bug] Pull to refresh / dynamic toolbars triggered on about:blank [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1693152 [Bug] Autofill not working with Bitwarden [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1693911 runUiThreadCallback blocks first frame & visual completeness for 44ms in COLD MAIN start up [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1694081 Set "DIRECT" instead of crash by OOM in AndroidBridge::GetProxyForURI [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1694192 Inconsistent media link behavior depending on media type [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1694220 Update GeckoView target sdk version to 30 [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1694478 Setting up the directories is incompatible with isolated process [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1694687 Investigate whether GV is dropping media session events on YouTube [geckoview:m89]
No cf_rank 1695059 Crash in [@ mozilla::java::GeckoAppShell::GetNetworkLinkType] [geckoview:m89]
1 1593085 Improve background power usage in "raptor-scn-power-idle-bg-geckoview-%change-power pgo" test [geckoview:m89]
5 1610050 Consider using `navigator:browser` once again for GeckoView windows [geckoview:m89]
5 1616635 Disable or remove WebChannel support [geckoview:m89]
6 1611468 JUnit test failures due to content process crash are misreported [geckoview:m89]
15 1619655 Enable COOP+COEP (aka "resab") on Android [geckoview:m85] [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m89] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
15 1605923 Add postal address hints for GeckoView [geckoview:m89]
18 1555446 Element's "hit boxes" are lower on-screen than they ought to be (due to dynamic nav bar?) [geckoview:m89]
25 1483677 Add historyUrl to GeckoSession.loadData [geckoview:m89]
30 1610951 Unable to copy magnet links [geckoview:m89]
33 1584400 Remove support for configuring GeckoView via `extras` [geckoview:m89]
33 1585468 Support 'incognito' property of the WebExtension manifest [geckoview:m89]
45 1561634 Verify that GeckoView delivers Punycode URLs when necessary [geckoview:m89]
50 1483141 Verify that GeckoViewContent only reacts to top level events when restoring state [geckoview:m89]

33 Total; 33 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

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