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UI polishing Hackathon - Firefox for Android

We (mobile front-end team) have been discussing the idea of doing topic-oriented hackathons. The plan is to pick a topic—a specific part or aspect of the product—and have the whole team focused on it for a couple days. The goal is to bring substantial and fast improvement on areas that, ideally, will improve our user experience.

Topic, Agenda, and Dates

For the first hackathon, we're going to focus on UI polishing bugs. In terms of dates and agenda, here's my suggestion:

  • April 24 (Wednesday)
    • 17h30 (GMT) - Planning session on Vidyo/IRC: bug triaging & task splitting (this is just after the mobile team meeting)
    • Rest of the day - Hacking
  • April 25-26 (Thursday and Friday)
    • Hacking, hacking, hacking
    • Maybe a quick stand-up session on IRC at 17h30 (GMT) to update everyone on the progress?

Everyone is welcome to jump in.

List of bugs


The hackathon is only next week but it's important have a good list of bugs before we start. So, everyone can start nominating Fennec bugs for the hackathon now by tagging them with "ui-hackathon". We'll cleanup this list and maybe prioritize them a bit during the planning session on the first day of the hackathon. Let's try to focus on papercut-type bugs as opposed to new feature work.


IRC channel: #ui-hackathon