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IME bugs in native UI

Native UI specific

ID Pri Summary Note
bug 725170 -- crash java [@ java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (142793 ... 142794) ends beyond length 74889 at android.text.SpannableStringBuilder.checkRange( ] The same nature as bug 720092.
bug 721393 P2 Virtual keyboard enter key doesn't work correctly in designMode document Fix is submitted.
bug 719121 P2 The delete key isn't working correctly on etherpad Depends on bug 725919.
bug 725919 -- Visual cursor position is different from the actual one on Etherpad
bug 702995 P2 investigate focus issues with the tab host The cause of the bug 697773, bug 701895, bug 704156, bug 705939.
bug 725298 P3 Text input into the URL bar does not display all characters typed
bug 720300 P3 Awesome bar shouldn't start search on Enter key pressed if there is composition string
bug 715207 P3 First character entered in any input field with Google Japanese Input is prevalidated
bug 712018 P3 French physical keyboard detected as ENGLISH in web forms with Asus Transformer
bug 713060 P3 Typing in URL bar on Droid Pro with hard keyboard always inserts at end Specific to Android 2.2. There is an update to 2.3.3 available for the Droid Pro.
bug 711681 P3 Hitting the done button does not dismiss a JS prompt
bug 699465 P3 Tapping on the urlbar does not bring up keyboard; 2nd tap displays context menu (HTC G2) Seems to be G2 specific. Cannot reproduce on Nexus One, HTC Sensation, Droid Pro, or Motorola Droid 3.
bug 698437 P3 Allow navigation with directional controller The feature was removed some time ago, and might not really be needed according to the comments in the bug.
bug 697828 P3 Droid Pro invokes a keyword suggestions-box on every page regardless of focus Unable to reproduce on Droid Pro
bug 717392 P4 Positioning cursor in URL is not easily doable due to selection UI
bug 712966 P4 Typing text is slow in this case with a lot of inputs
bug 709496 P4 on screen keyboard takes too long to dismiss
bug 708457 P4 No Next button in the software keyboard when entering data into
bug 706336 P4 Cursor navigation and selection buttons in Swype don't work
bug 701895 P4 [IME] return key does not cause the urlbar to go to the website using simeji Depends on bug 702995
bug 700407 P4 portrait mode turns up annoying "flashes" when typing into textfields Need more info
bug 697838 P4 Flickering may occur after deleting uncommitted characters with nicoWnnG IME This IME causes the view resize and redrawing, which sometimes happens with a visible flicker
bug 710837 P4 Find a way to set the value of an input element without calling .blur() first
bug 716152 P4 VKB does not appear on appearance of JS prompt dialog
bug 717120 -- No form text input has a carriage return instead of a next button in the default VKB
bug 705201 -- [meta] Forms are not splendid Form input meta-bug depending on bug 704879, bug 706342, bug 697265
bug 723810 -- nsIWidget::OnIMETextChange() is not called for the document with designMode=on
bug 726716 -- Keyboard shortcuts don't work
bug 720333 P2 Only the last letter typed is displayed when HKB is used Side-effect of bug 711648. Fixed.
bug 720092 P1 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... 88168) ends beyond length 0 Unable to reproduce. Fixed by catching the exception.
bug 708774 P1 Make landscape keyboard be fullscreen Fixed
bug 707350 P2 Hardware Keyboard return gives a space instead of a return when using Swiftkey X Fixed by bug 705939.
bug 711496 -- Virtual keyboard does not appear with editable content in iframes Regression of the bug 701947. Might be caused by the bug 704579. Fixed with bug 709663.
bug 711648 P4 Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text Caused by the changes in bug 595008. Fixed.
bug 712972 P3 Can't type into awesome bar Specific to how Swype handles suggestions. Fixed.
bug 714950 P2 Unable to see characters typed in landscape fullscreen VKB Fixed
bug 712118 P2 Form autocomplete is broken because we're not receiving compositionupdate events Fixed
bug 595008 -- Make Android IME more efficient by reducing communication between Java and Gecko Fixed
bug 706342 P3 Input hints are broken in form fields Fixed by bug 595008.
bug 708626 P4 Pressing physical volume button dismisses keyboard, doesn't adjust ringer volume Fixed
bug 708918 -- The typed characters are misplaced when using hardware keyboard with Swiftkey X Fixed by bug 595008.
bug 705939 -- Enter key pressed in the Awesome Bar does not open an URL sometimes Fixed
bug 697265 P3 Support clipboard operations in edit fields Fixed
bug 694413 -- form entry doesn't scroll into view Fixed
bug 696319 P1 Scroll web content input into view Fixed
bug 701706 P1 Virtual Keyboard is not dismissed if a tap is performed outside the focused input field Fixed
bug 705457 -- Tab key should move focus to the next field in a form Fixed
bug 705166 P1 Entering text in inputs fields has regressed in performance; lagged input<strike> Caused by <strike>bug 703821. Fixed by bug 704575.
bug 704156 -- Unable to overwrite selection in awesome bar using HKB Fixed
bug 697773 P1 Cannot type in AwesomeBar URL bar with hard keyboard Fixed
bug 701947 P2 VKB does not appear when tapping into an iframe text box Regression caused by the new pan/zoom layers architecture. Fixed.
bug 701701 P2 The cursor still remains visible in an unfocused input field Rendering issues with panning layers were fixed.
bug 699792 -- ALT key not working correctly on Motorola DROID PRO Fixed
bug 695460 P4 Context menus Fixed
bug 697807 P4 Make it possible to change the input method in a text edit field Fixed

Older bugs still happening in native UI

ID Pri Summary Note
bug 632542 P2 SlideIT VKB does not type anything in a field after hitting the system back button Fixed
bug 618921 P2 the chat capability of etherpad application doesn't work with fennec Fixed
bug 603805 P3 Switching from portrait to landscape or vice versa will close the virtual keyboard bug 698114 fixes this.
bug 640025 P4 Clear text function using ezKeyboard does not work Fixed
bug 640028 P3 typing in the first character in simeji will cause the text to scroll to a position that is unreadable due to the text helper from simeji bug 696319 fixes this.
bug 659202 -- Tablet VKB covers up panning of auto filled textboxes bug 696319 fixes this.
bug 630576 P4 Fennec should send key events to content Got some useful info from Masayuki. WIP patch attached.
bug 695626 -- keyup event is only fired with android hardware keyboard although keydown and keypress aren't fired Low priority?
bug 632538 P5 For the VKB, Barcode Keyboard 's next button does not move the cursor to the next field Seems like the IME problem. WONTFIX
bug 667619 P5 [VKB] Portrait to landscape rotation does not fullscreen the virtual keyboard on field tap After bug 698114 the keyboard stays visible when orientation changes. This is low priority.

Require prerequisites

ID Pri Summary Missing Prerequisites
bug 605358 P1 VKB opened in fullscreen landscape mode for Find In Page does not hide on pressing Search Requires Find In Page feature
bug 635131 P4 Preview of closed tab not updated when undoing a closed tab w/ keyboard No tabs preview yet


E10s/XUL specific

ID Pri Summary
bug 611730 P2 urlbar context menu and landscape keyboard both appear on long tap
bug 624333 P2 form helper doesn't allow input while keyboard is showing Works with native UI
bug 606019 P3 Form Helper will move around after typing in a textbox using Simeji in landscape and panning Works differently with native UI
bug 639958 P4 After committing text by clicking on the awesome bar, context menu will appear behind the soft keyboard if in landscape using Simeji
bug 621438 P4 Virtual keyboard for ContentEditable areas shouldn't try to provide autocompletion
bug 691237 -- Text entry gets mangled in Swype on Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Aurora 9.0a2
bug 691163 -- Swype inserts a space after every letter typed
bug 688423 -- Virtual Keyboard is automatically dismissed from awesomescreen when opening a new tab
bug 669995 P3 Virtual keyboard does not automatically appear on etherpad Works with native UI
bug 670694 -- virtual keyboard is not displayed when editing input boxes Works with native UI

Need more investigation

ID Pri Summary Note
bug 686360 -- JSLinux ran within a canvas does not accept keyboard input from virtual keyboard bug 630576?
bug 676238 P2 Local about pages are not always properly painted when virtual keyboard is closed Assigned to mbrubeck
bug 615166 P3 Search button in landscape mode has the wrong caption Works as stock browser
bug 605342 P4 [RTL] after typing in arabic characters, the arabic characters are not right justified on the awesome page WIP patch ready?
bug 683767 -- Text input incompatibility with flext9 Very likely e10s issue
bug 624290 P1 back key isn't working intermittently with hard keyboard in text input on samsung epic Cannot reproduce. Confirmed by nhirata
bug 600566 P2 switch from physical to virtual keyboard in middle of text box entry doesn't bring up virtual keyboard The problem as described is not reproducible. Agreed with Madhava on the behavior.
bug 688736 -- Sometimes Virtual Keyboard is displayed while Hardware Keyboard is already used HKB - Device specific?
bug 671273 -- Alt & Alt lock keys don't work correctly for text fields Fixed by bug 699792
bug 685537 -- [HKb] Fn key + key is not working properly on Desire Z's Android keyboard bug 699792 improved the situation, but not completely fixed.
bug 640023 P3 Kaeda IME does not seem to type in Japanese with the keyboard out. Cannot reproduce. Confirmed by nhirata
bug 688717 -- No keyboard is shown when trying to enter text with suggestions bug 669995?
bug 686789 -- keyboard doesn't open up in or bug 669995?
bug 635289 P4 menu click on link should open in a new tab HKB - New feature
bug 686332 -- Text entry does not accept system-wide android editing keystrokes HKB - New feature
bug 645811 P4 Show hkb editing symbols for shift and alt mode HKB - New feature
bug 628748 P4 SCR: Please allow the options button on the android to change the IME New feature