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35% of shipped smartphones worldwide in Q1 2011 are on Android, whose app store is going to soon become the largest one

The Asia Pacific region has become the biggest smartphone market, with 37 million devices shipped in Q1 2011

The Samsung Bada OS with 3.5 million outperformed WP7 phones by 1 million more phones shipped in Q1 2011

Updated Android version distribution puts 2.1 at 24.5% and 2.2 at 65.9%

Bing will become the preferred search and maps application for BlackBerry handsets.

The Android Market might become the largest app store in 3 to 5 months, overtaking the Apple store, reveals a report by Distimo. Estimates are made based on the assumption that current growth rates for the store will be maintained. 1

Android platform versions update as of end of April : 2.1 at 24.5%, 2.2 at 65.9%, 2.3.x at 4% and 3.0 at 0.3%. 2

Dolphin HD updated 3 of its add-ons: Google Similar Page, Ultimate Flag and Screen Cut. 3

The Asia Pacific region became the largest smartphone market, due to triple digit growth in India, China and S. Korea, while Android continues to be the worldwide smartphone market leader with a 35% marketshare (shipped units) in Q1 2011. Samsung also shipped nearly 3.5 million bada operating system-based smart phones, outperforming total shipments of Windows Phone devices by more than a million units. 4

The Amazon Android tablets might arrive in the second half of 2011. Rumours say Amazon ordered the producing of 700,000-800,000 tablets per month. 5

The Qt SDK 1.1 has been released and there are indications that LG might be looking into producing MeeGo devices. More details on LG's intentions to surface at the MeeGo conference in May. 6

Bing will become the preferred search and maps application for BlackBerry handsets, Microsoft announced. BlackBerry devices will use Bing as the default search provider in the browser, and Bing is the default search and map experience for new devices presented to mobile operators around the world. 7

The first device of the new WebOS series will launch on May 15th on AT&T and will be called HP Veer. This is the first device to be released after HP acquired Palm and it is part of the line of smartphones and a tablet that have been announced for launch this summer. 8

iOS 4.3.3 with location data modifications was released. When the location service is on, the data archive becomes smaller and is encrypted, and when the it is off, the cache of information is deleted entirely. 9