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Dolphin HD 5.0 beta was released, featuring a new "Speed Dial-style" New Tab with Google search, Facebook, Twitter and Most Visited integration. Dolphin HD has also made a partnership to come preinstalled on the Notion Adam Ink tablets.

The next Nexus device expected this year and featuring Ice Cream Sandwich is likely to be running on a chipset of the NVidia Tegra 3 series. Other OEMs have also showed interest for the chipsets, which are expected to be shipped in devices this fall.

Yet another security exploit has been exposed concerning Android's ClientLogin protocol when using open WiFi networks.

Intel is pushing further to penetrate the smartphone chipset market for their x86 architecture

Nokia is developing their mobile location service for the Indian market.

Dolphin HD released v5.0 beta. Updates include: UI changes, "Speed Dial-style" New Tab design featuring social media integration, Undo and Most visited buttons, support for bookmark sub-folders, stability and performance enhancements. 1

Dolphin HD has been announced to be shipped pre-installed on the Notion Ink Adam tablet. 2

Another Android security breach has been discovered, this one concerning the ClientLogin protocol. The user is exposed when using open WiFi networks as certatin applications transmit data in the clear, allowing an eavesdropper to intercept, read it and then impersonate a service. Affected, among others, are Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendar. 3

The next Nexus device, featuring Ice Cream Sandwich, is likely to be running on Nvidia's Tegra 3 chipsets. Officials from NVidia stated that more OEMs are looking to use the series. The Tegra 3 series are quad-core Cortex-A9, up to 1.5GHz, supporting up to 1920x1200 for the tablet configurations. On smartphones, it will go dual or quad-core on up to 1366x768 resolution.

Sony Ericsson has stated that it is going to drop Windows Phone at least until the end of this year and focus on Android.

Intel stated that we will see the first x86-based phones in 2012, running on Intel processors. An early prototype might be available as soon as next week. 4

The Nokia N950 running on Meego to be announced as soon as next week at the MeeGo conference in San Francisco and to be available a few months after. You can see a teaser, pictures, at the link. 5

Nokia India will soon be offering a location based service called “Search” through which users can discover information about a specific location and local information around it, at the touch of a button. This new feature will help users to identify a place or a shopping mall or a food joint direct from their mobile phones. 6