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  • Dolphin HD released v6.0, a new logo and announced $ 10 million in funding from Sequoia
  • Opera announced a 3-year extension to its global agreement to Vodafone and a partnership with Motorola to have Opera Mobile bundled on the Motokey XT device in Brazil
  • Android is now growing at a rate of 550,000 activations per day and has a v2.3 SDK with tablet optimization features
  • Apple announced a strong last quarter, when it sold 33.4 million iOS devices and expanded its international reach
  • Qualcomm released a mobile browsing benchmark called Vellamo

Dolphin HD has released version 6.0 of the browser. New in this release is the Webzine feature, which displays content from web pages as thumbnails on the browser's home page. Users can add their own subscription to their favourite websites, see when they are updated and with a tap access the whole article. It can also integrate Facebook, Twitter and the Sina microblog. The browser has also changed its logo and tagline, which now reads: "Smart Phone. Clever Browsing. In the same day when Dolphin announced the 6.0 release they also made public that they received 10 million $ in funding from Sequoia. Read More & more & more

Opera has announced that it has signed a three-year extension of its global agreement with Vodafone to provide the carrier's customers with a Vodafone-branded Opera Mini browser, with particular focus in the emerging markets. The agreement also extends to Vodafone's Webbox offering, which provides Internet access to TV sets and it is focused towards the emerging markets, where Internet penetration is limited, but TV ownership rate is higher. Read More

Opera has made an partnership with Motorola to include Opera Mobile preloaded on the newest Motorola device, the Motokey XT, to hit the market in Brazil. Read More

Google announced that Android has grown from the 500,000 new activations/day rate announced 16 days ago to 550,000 per day, at an average 4.4% growth rate week-over-week. Read More

The Android 2.3 SDK was released with API level 13. Features include optimizations for a wider range of tablets, a compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps which offers a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard UI stretching on bigger screens, media sync from SD card and extended screen support API. Google also announced that while the Android Market currently does not support filtering based on screen size, it will be added in future releases. Read More

Qualcomm released a mobile Web browsing benchmark for Android called Vellamo. It comprises of 11 tests which include rendering, JavaScript, UX and networking. Vellamo is free and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Read More

Apple announced record sales for Q2 of this year, when it sold over 20 million iPhones, over 9 million iPads and 4.4 million iPod touch devices amounting to 33.4 million iOS devices. Apple is expanding its reach beyond the US as international sales are responsible for over 62% of revenue, with China being a key market where sales grew sixfold. Last quarter Apple added 42 new carriers in 15 different countries in China, Latin America and the Middle East. The company also said that 222 million iOS devices have been sold through June since the iOS platform launched in 2007 on the original iPhone. The amount of devices in market, however, is lower, due to device renewal rates. iPhone 5 is expected to launch end of September.  Read More