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  • Opera reported record results, with most revenues coming from mobile operator deals
  • Mobotap launched an iPhone version of the Dolphin browser with a similar look and feel, as well as key features
  • Samsung presented 3 new Bada handsets and is preparing new Android device announcements tomorrow
  • The first, 7-inch, Amazon tablet is rumoured to be shipping in October, followed by a 10-inch version early 2012

Opera posted record profits in Q2 of 2011, which increased 47% year-over-year, while revenues rose by 29%. The biggest transformation in the company's revenues represents the shift from desktop deals as the main revenue source to mobile operator deals. Reported numbers include:

  • over 200 million Opera users, 55 of which are on the desktop, 16.2 million are related to Opera Mini agreements with operators, 115 million "regular" (not from operator deals) Opera Mini users, 6 million Opera Mobile users and 10 million on consumer electronic devices such as TVs.
  • On Android, Opera Mini had 5.5 million users in June 2011
  • 35% of its revenues come from mobile operator deals, 33% from the desktop, 16% from consumer electronic devices, 10% from mobile OEM deals and 5% from its ad-publishing service, AdMarvel
  • 260% mobile operator Opera Mini user growth year-over-year

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Opera announced that it extended its partnership with the leading carrier in the Phillipines, Smart Communications, to provide a custom version of the Opera Mini browser to augment the mobile Internet proposition to the operator's over 45 million subscribers. The Smart-Opera Mini browser was first launched in early 2010 and it has experienced a steagy growth of 45% every month since then. Read more

Opera partenered with CreNova Technology, a supplier of set-top boxes, to include the Opera HbbTV browser on products sold across Europe. The boxes offer support for Internet-based interactive TV applications, VOD and catch-up TV Read more

Mobotap, the company behind the Dolphin browsers on Android, launched an iPhone version of the browser, built on top of Safari, a similar strategy to its approach on Google's OS. The new edition tries to keep consistency with its Android equivalent in look and feel and features. The main propositions are the Webzine feature, gestures, the deeply integrated social features and its Speed Dial new tab page. The browser is not yet available for the iPad, but it will be. Different from the Android version, Dolphin for iOS does not feature add-ons or themes. Read more

Samsung, who is expected to become the top smartphone vendor before the end of the year, has recently announced 3 new phones running its Bada OS, to be launched in October, and is preparing to present new Android devices tomorrow at IFA, in Berlin. The International FunkAusstellung is one of the world's leading trade shows for consumer electronics. Samsung created special for the event. Read more

New rumours point to the launch of Amazon's first Android tablet, to feature a 7 inch screen, in October, with the 10-inch version coming early 2012. The Amazon tablets are expected with interest in the industry as they will present a different value proposition than the usual Android tablet. While Amazon does not have a lot of experience in the software and platform industries, it will attract users with its content, cloud and commerce product lines, which will be tightly integrated into the device. The tablets are also expected to be priced lower than its competitors. Read more