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  • Nokia people (Josh, Oleg, Anton and Leonid) will join the meeting
  • Move meeting time to more European friendly time


  • Daniel Brooks (aka db48x)
  • Brad Lassey
  • Christian Sejersen
  • Doug Turner
  • Aleks Totic
  • timeless
  • Samuel Sidler (ss)

Action Items

  • Move meeting to 9am (Pacific Time)
  • Publish mobile goals to wiki (Christian)
  • Blog post to describe difference between Minimo and this (dougT)
  • Follow up with pav about font backend on WCE (dougT)
  • Send blog comments about Minimo confusion to dougT (Christian)
  • "Release memset" email (Christian)
  • Basic non-touch-screen UI by end of week (Marcio)
  • Mobile emulator extension (Marcio)
  • Publish primer about Mozilla terminology (Jay)

Work in Progress

  • Working through Nokia patches (Brad)
  • Memory consumption comparison (dougT)