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  • Wednesdays - 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 17:30 UTC
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #mobile for backchannel


[ ]

  • Onward to 1.1

Major Topics for This Week


General Front-end

  • Form autocomplete landed (tests ready to land too) bug 466770
  • Add-on auto update patch is being tested. Should be ready for review today.
  • Coding a patch and researching the link-click problem. Other bugs want to do similar things:
    • ElementFromPointWithArea bug 489127
    • Perform hit target detection/correction on tap clicks bug 547997
  • Enough foundation design work has been completed to allow work to begin on:
    • Open in New Tab (via context panels)
    • Page interactions (direct use and/or cursor mode - TBD)
    • Manage site preferences
    • Clean up site panel (larry)
    • Start page redesign

UX design

  • working designs (wireframe-level) done for site panel, clear prefs, autofill, open in new tab; working on documenting and communicating these more widely
    • more detailed visual design "styling" to come, waiting on some resource
  • going to try "more tappable if visited" experiment for link and field tapping (some details)
  • working on add-ons findability improvements and start page / homepage designs
  • will be blogging some longer term UX theme ideas
  • have a general concept for page-interactivity (i.e. pannable regions, hover) - need to document

Platform Support



Windows Mobile

  • Two big regressions in the last week, both should be fixed now
    • layers - null region being returned from GetRegionToPaint led to nothing being painted
    • xmalloc - nasty circular dependency between the shunt and mozalloc.lib led to mismatched allocators
  • native testing
    • invalid default entry point fixed, allows tests to run
    • xpcom file io fixes
    • new remote test harness allows running make check over telnet connection
      • all tests pass now (with xpcom io fixes)
    • working through nspr issues
      • default stack size may be too large, we're limited to 31 threads
      • PR_CreateProcess fails, alexp is working on a patch
      • tests assume unix paths, alexp is working on a patch
  • breakpad


  • Lots of widget changes incoming from Nokia
  • Very soon new minimum Qt requirement will be 4.6


  • SoftKB partially working
  • Extensions working
  • Working on merging parts to mozilla-central


General Back-end

Geolocation support

  • Reviewed and commented on Orientation draft specification





  • Need someone to look at bug 548664 which will help with startup on ARM.


  • Need someone to look at bug 545869 which will help with network perf.





Release Engineering

  • DougT and John Ford working on getting Maemo/Qt builds going.
    • found some issues with QEMU
    • may be a simple fix (delete a giant log) or a fairly large fix (upgrading os kernel)
  • n900s -- jhford rocking the house
    • unit tests not working properly yet
    • talos running w/ some errors -- checkout, crashes etc
    • green runs on ts, tsspider, tsvg, twinopen, tdhtml, tgfx
    • running with electrolysis, 1.9.2, m-c and tracemonkey (lorentz wasn't added to graph server, but passes until the graph server post. simple fix here)
    • looking into why tp4, tpan and tzoom are failing
    • switch live? when?
  • bug 535922 browser chrome tests -> aki
  • n810s
    • haven't looked at these this week; still need new image
    • emails should now go to
  • l10n repacks
    • armenzg got these working again, nightly only. per-checkin was exacerbating pm02's unhealthy state.
    • l10n repo updates should be working again
  • bug 550023 1.0.1 blockers, down to 3
  • bug 532925 winmo symbols
    • aki has patch, but trunk was broken & not enabled on 1.9.2
  • bug 507024 winmo updates
    • coop was sick 1 1/2 days, working on fixing up review nits
    • aki will see if he can help
  • acers arrived, aki will work on them later this week
  • mobile-releng-devtools meeting



  • notes
    • bugs filed to look at
    • ideas from fx team/qa meeting
    • acer s200's high brickrate (watch out releng)
  • requests
    • need help in coverage of single-locale build downloads
    • blassey: please cc me to trunk crasher bug
    • when are we having a triage meeting?
  • goals for the upcoming week
    • going to run smoketests for 1.9.2 winmo and maemo, trunk for maemo until trunk for winmo is up
    • going to add testcases to litmus for autocomplete


  • winmo
    • talos ts is all checked in
    • all patches have reviews, a few nits to fix
    • been having trouble with the main patch to allow tests to use a remote server
  • maemo