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  • Mondays - 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 17:00 UTC
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 314 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 314 (US)
  • #mobile for backchannel


Fennec Status

UX design

  • We have sliced PNGs for all of the main UI (titlebar, control strip, tab area) (see here for what this all looks like)
    • Sean is posting about his work as he goes on his blog


  • bug 436083 Viewport meta tag
  • Working on the "universal, 3 section, panning" UI [mfinkle]
    • sidebars and nav bar are panning ok, but I need to fix a bug with the webcontent panning.
    • daniel and finkle need to plan out the addon, download, preferences (what do we call that area?) UI mechanism
    • bug 436077 - preferences bug is ready for review. depends on bug 451025, which also needs review
  • bug 406837 Soft keyboard support
    • patch attached to implement using IME
    • bug 435885 Focus issue with auto-complete pop-up
    • bug 454235 IME event not fired when focused through canvas (fennec specific issue)
  • bug 451674 Expose camera functionality
    • Patch attached to implement <xul:camera> and <input type="camera">
    • Waiting for doublec's comments
  • Use larger canvas for panning [gavin]
    • Got sidetracked by Firefox branch work, will have patch this week
  • New theme [gavin]

Windows Mobile

  • bug 418703 Moving Windows ascii APIs to wide ones
    • crowder - making lots of progress landing patches
  • bug 436531 asmXPTC_InvokeByIndex returning bogus value
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
  • bug 444175 Crash in Cycle Collector
    • wolfe - Awaiting compiled/running XULRunner for re-testing
  • bug 444485 Make WinMobile Build work with Visual Studio 2008 (VS9)
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
  • bug 444486 Crash in nsFrame.cpp if BoxMetrics() returns NULL
    • wolfe - Lower priority than getting XULRunner building in mozilla-central
  • bug 444487 Extensions should not be included in WinMobile build
    • wolfe - New patch added
    • No review currently planned for new patch
    • Patch can be used until a functional XULRunner can be built, then extensions can be turned back on and debugged
  • bug 444492 Cairo _get_system_quality() function stubbed out in WinCE
    • wolfe - New patch reviewed and awaiting landing
  • bug 444494 GlobalWindow Activation Event Sometimes Missed in WinCE
    • wolfe - Awaiting working XULRunner build for verification
    • Should be titled "WinMobile XULRunner Main Window Does Not Display Properly"
  • bug 444495 getenv / putenv compiled out in WinCE NSPRPUB
    • wolfe - I saw this before, but have not gotten back to verify where compiler stubs are located.
    • Lower priority than getting XULRunner building in mozilla-central
  • bug 454116 Potential Memory Allocation Failures in WinMobile (NEW)
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
  • bug 454117 WinMobile / WinCE has no Access Control Levels (ACL) (NEW)
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
  • bug 454119 WinMobile Compile Problems with mozilla-central (NEW)
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
  • bug 454119 Problems Compiling SECURITY module for WinMobile (NEW)
    • wolfe - New patch awaiting review
    • Possible problems landing these changes
    • Patch file available to other developers now


  • Networking
    • bug 364315 Speculative parsing
      • mrbkap says this is close, should land next week
    • bug 447866 Better pipelining
      • Pat McManus has patch, needs review
  • Graphics
    • bug 450400 Moving a background image via style.backgroundPosition in a XUL stack is slow
      • Effects us having a checkerboard pattern for missing areas
    • bug 450916 Moving a canvas around in a stack is slow
      • We need this fixed so we can remove the sync repaints
    • bug 450930 We redraw too often
      • Effects responsiveness and performance


  • OOM
  • Talos



  • Ran mochitests on Fennec desktop build, got halfway through full run:


  • Geolocation



  • TraceMonkey landed, ARM work going on