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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Roadmap12-13

Private & Safe Browsing
  • Safe browsing could be launched in Fx 18


    • First mobile browser to introduce feature? How long is this window?
    • Opera and Safari both claim malware & phishingi protection of some sort
  • Marketing messages: private browsing & safe browsing
    • The public would likely get confused with 'safe' browsing and 'private' browsing nomenclature
    • Desktop uses 'phishing and malware protection' when referring to this feature
    • Mobile should follow suit to be consistent with naming and to break away from what private browsing is, since they are two very different things
  • Schedule for private browsing
    • per-tab private browsing is still very risky for Fx 19 and is likely a candidate for Fx 20
    • There are shared resources in implementing per-tab functionality
    • 'Global' private browsing would be quicker to implement, but is a definite worse experience on a mobile device: a user would have their browsing session closed down and then re-launched in a private mode. This is NOT deemed a good UX
    • Of note: private browsing is one of the top 3 requested features almost weekly since Fx 14 launch
Product Announcements (previously known as Android Snippets)
Proposed Media Q4 Goals


  • Ship the WebRTC code for desktop on by default (not behind a pref or a config flag) in time for Firefox 20 uplift.
  • Deliver a report on the viability of a basic WebRTC video call demo between two Firefox Android phones or a Firefox Android phone and a WebRTC Firefox Desktop browser, and if viable, deliver enough capability to be ready for a demo at MWC (Mobile World Congress).
  • Land media platform decoding functionality for Android's Gingerbread and Honeycomb OSs in mozilla-central. One target device for each OS will be identified and agreed-upon by Media and Android to verify functionality. Success criteria: platform decoders running in Firefox will playback videos at a similar performance metric to the videos playing back in the default browser on the same phone.
Thinking Longer Term
  • iOS support: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ios
    • Legal review pending
    • Initial estimates from JS team and Mobile Platform
    • Need to hammer out specific value props with Kar and ROI with Irina
    • Investigation to determine what this product could look like
  • X86 support
    • Developer play
  • Cross platform / multiple screens interactions
    • Using 2 or 3 devices simultaneously (gaming, interactions)
  • WebRTC
    • Will try working something up for a MWC demo - stay tuned