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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Roadmap12-13

  • Update on test proposal
  • Eideticker will not be available to test stock on ARMv6 until next year, therefore comparison against stock will have to be qualitative
  • TAM uplift -> focus on achieving 384MB (instead of 256MB) as next incremental step
  • TAM uplift -> scope work on front-end and UX for achieving QVGA support
  • Go / no-go decision next week
HW Status (see https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ARMv6Summary)
5 devices currently in QA
  1. Samsung Admire SCH-R720
  2. LG Optimus Net Dual LG-P698f
  3. Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830/GT-S535
  4. HTC ChaCha A810e
  5. HTC Status
  6. LG L55C Optimus Q
En Route
  1. Motorola XT531 / Fire XT
  2. Samsung Galaxy Pro / B7510
  3. Galaxy Ace Duo GT-S6802
Ordered (11/01)
  1. ZTE Atlas W (blade2)
  2. ZTE Skate N960
  3. Kyocera Milano (C5120)
  • New HW Device List w/ Market Share Stats in Progress
Recent ARMv6 Landing
Expire unused tabs bug 792143
Phishing & Malware Protection
Fx 20
  • WebAudio in Fx 19: status -> important for gaming
  • Game On theme
    • Any improvements on: canvasing, GL, performance?
    • Investigate social API for Android?
    • Accelerometer?
  • Privacy
    • Private browsing - per tab status
    • Guest mode (for tablet use cases)
  • First-run UX & Next Gen sync -> likely Fx 21?
  • about:home improvements
Fx 21
Search theme ?
  • Integration into Google search widget
  • Small (fx) search widget
  • Large search widget
  • Multi-tab search
  • WebRTC desktop to phone
  • SilverFox
  • WebRT / Marketplace improvements (to be flushed out with WebRT team)
  • Readability
    • Hiding URL bar
    • Offline mode
    • Save for later
    • SilverFox
    • Different reading layouts