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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Status check / Hurdle identification
  • Marketing campaign IDs - still trying to find info as it's sent to metrics
  • Needs to be followed up for resolution

Fx 18

  • Product announcements
    • Front-end system greatly improved
    • Engagement team will use the tool and will be tested on Aurora, then beta then GA but will not begin until after Christmas
    • Working on getting supporting metrics
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Search suggestions opt-in
  • Phishing & malware protection


  • Themes
    • Location for hosting them
  • ARMv6: 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA
    • Will take another look at the beginning of the year
  • Zh-TW, Zh-CN
    • KR to double-check with Axel to ensure all is good to go
  • Fx integration into Google search widget
    • Speech input? KR to follow up
  • New web content font
    • Working with legal to finalise EULA


  • Per-tab private browsing
  • All Android-supported locales
    • Bug 792077
    • KR to send wesj the android-supported locale list
    • Want a build for ARMv6 to run a comparison
  • Reflow on zoom by default
    • At risk - jumping around the page after you zoom (the biggest usability). If sorted by the end of Fx20 trunk cycle, then looking ok
    • If not sorted, will keep the menu item to turn it on
    • Will we keep it in as a menu item to turn it off?
    • Naming intuitive enough?
    • KR to take offline and follow-up
  • ARMv6: 600MHz, 384MB, QVGA
    • At risk
    • KR to follow up with Finkle when he returns from PTO
  • Hiding URL bar
    • At risk
  • about:home customisation (top sites, swipe across)
    • Working on it, but possibly at risk
  • Media decoding (H264) on GB, HC
    • Happy with progress
    • Will need to develop the white list
  • Guest mode?
    • KR and Ian to spend some cycles on this
  • FHM?
Mob4Hire feedback
  • ARMv6
    • Email summary to be sent out
Larger QA question - supporting our expanded set of devices
  • Kevin to talk to the A-Team on stream-lining
  • Will take the topic up in one of our roadmap review meetings if required to further raise visibility of the topic / escalate if competing resources are blocking us