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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

  • MWC Status Update
  • Week 3: Product Planning - preparation for roadmap review next week
  • Feature Review - ARMv6
MWC Status Update
  • WebGL
  • WebRTC
  • Customisation
  • WebRT/Marketplace
  • Benchmarking


  • S3s arrived in London
  • Looking to diversify other models
  • Testing Marketplace demo
  • Sam looking for all-inclusive demos for the pods
  • May need multiple builds on a phone or multiple devices to handle various themes
  • Erin working with IT to ensure we have local (offline) capabilities
  • Option to partner with a game company (stretch)
  • Deb to talk to Martin to see if another demo other than cut the rope is available
  • Demo scripts are evolving - Sam to send out scripts for review to refine
Product Planning
  • deck
  • Fx 19
    • l10n deck
  • Fx 20
    • uplifting some last UI changes for private browsing
    • web content font landed in nightly, but needs to discuss whether it can be uplifted
    • need to follow up re: l10n builds
    • feature review on reflow on zoom on Friday
    • moving forward on customisation but need to discuss next week (it's not fully ready)
    • will remove media decoding (h264) on froyo (a few devices will be whitelisted)
    • Erin will check if GB blacklisting has been removed
  • Fx 21
    • multiple profiles - not being worked on until plan put together
    • small search widget - will back it out of nightly
    • distribution files support (first support: trivial - bookmarks, later support: light-weight themes, thumbnails, promo link)
    • sound effects - release now TBD

Feature Review - ARMv6
  • 600MHz, 512MB, HVGA - reference device: