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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

  • keep this to 30 mins due to MWC demo walk-throughs
Roadmap Review
  • Deck dated Jan 27, version 14
  • Some changes from the V14 deck for calling-out
    • Downloadable snippets - Fx 23?
      • server-side work (rnewman's group? webdev for front-end?)
    • Defined thumbnails for defined pinned sites & default placeholder Top Sites - Fx 23?
      • Can't do easily: take a snapshot of a website the browser hasn't visited
      • Can do more easily: grab the favicon & dominant colour (text? or no text?)
  • Short-term and medium-term (webapis, benchmarking work - be clear?)
  • Add-Ons - break this out from long term to short term and focus onto our add-on story
    • Being blogged / tweeted about
  • finkle to watch customisation work being uplifted
  • Data bandwidth optimization
    • Check with John Aas as it moved to Q2 goals
MWC Status Update at 10am Pacific in TransAmerica
  • Demo walk-through by sam