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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Product Notes
  • Webkit vs Gecko positioning being completed - please support Deb in these efforts
  • My Firefox -> refocused to replace the current sync solution for Firefox Desktop & Android, then will work on Firefox OS use cases. Target given is to accelerate the sync replacement as quickly as possible. Summit of key players expected over the next few weeks to get V1 locked down.
  • MWC planning well underway -> benchmarking, overall product offer, product positioning...
  • Downloadable snippets project -> recommend to get this rolling after MWC (due to bandwidth!)
  • Have we all seen the customization guidelines? Happy?
  • Add-On story: Karen meeting with Jeff to kick off discussions around this project
    • None of our current add-ons work with jetpack, so don't block any add-on story with jetpack availability
  • Data bandwidth optimization -> Paxton also set to watch this goal
    • Nothing on trunk until April (making 23 a stretch, possibly 24)
  • Need a story for 22 as a result
  • ARMv6 readiness -> Deb, QA met
Short Term Readiness
  • Supporting all Android-supported locales (Fx 20)
    • Some hurdles: build time
    • Need time to work on the patch
    • Axel's time is needed, but overall may need someone to help alongside him to help?
  • Hiding URL bar (Fx 20)
    • Feature Review : on ARMv6 600MHz/384MB/QVGA, second half of the meeting
  • About:home customization (Fx 20)
    • Happy with progress
    • Remove feature removes it from history, but if you were to visit the page again enough it will make it back into the Top Sites (doesn't work this way for desktop, where desktop permanently blocks the site from the start page)
  • Other major features low risk (private browsing, ARMv6 600MHz, Chinese, Fx integration into Google Search -> will be in release notes only)
  • Distribution support for Gigabyte (and others!)
    • Distribution file support have landed, so today we can support Gigabyte (don't need customization, just need to track)
    • Distributions shipped in the APK, so custom settings are in the APK
      • When Fx first runs, this will be extracted out - so any new APK updates won't kill the customizations
      • Leaves us the option to update from the Play store direction (Play store APK will never have customizations) ie .1 release, chemspill, security fixes
      • Provided the bit is flipped in Gigabyte's ROM looks for updates on Play
        • Works provided Fx has run once so that the customization extraction takes place
        • Can we have the ROM image run for the extraction? or....
    • All partner repacks are created anytime we make a build
      • Possible to have the partner repacks go back to Mozilla for updates (instead of relying on Play store) but updating from Mozilla requires a user to accept updates (instead of Play auto-updates).
        • May now be possible to do auto-updates from Mozilla... which would point to the customer repacked APK
    • Karen write up possibilities, ask for a meeting, and clarify approach with Gigabyte
  • UA for tablet
    • Include mobile in the UA (which stock and Chrome do)
    • For tablets, need a way of requesting a desktop-like site but don't want it to be mouse-driven but rather touch
      • Stock and Chrome just use 'Android'
    • We decided to include 'tablet' a while back
    • A patch landed to change the UA to remove 'tablet' from the string
      • This broke youtube, facebook sites on tablets (gave ultra crappy one)
    • WURFL library uses the 'tablet' token to return true or false for fennec
      • lmandel working with WURFL to update the database
      • WURFL is the largest library but not the only library
    • 'tablet' is not a token for tablet v phone, but a substitute for another hardware token that other browsers send
      • hardware tokens for the mobile, tablet or desktop version
MWC Readiness
  • Feedback from steering committee?
  • Secure messaging
  • WebRTC
  • WebGL
  • Customization