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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Content review (short term)

Quick review: Any red flags?

  • Fx 21
    • Distribution files
    • HTML5 compat roll-up
    • New web content font
    • Amazon search URL updated
  • Fx 22
    • Added locales: Slovak
    • Reflow on zoom on double tap
      • Not ready for 22, release vehicle TBD (need quality and usability comments)
      • Will move it off the roadmap, but will monitor it regularly to determine the correct release vehicle
      • add to the 'waiting room'
    • New tab UI
      • Would like to see the title changes (private, normal, sync) instead of icons: EL to ping l10n to ensure this isn't a problem
    • ANR reporter
    • Performance improvements: async canvas updates & buffers (webGL, texture streaming, async canvas updates). can show orc chop running 60fps (went from 8 to 45-60fps). Nexus 4 is an appropriate one.
  • Fx 23
    • Dynamic URL bar
    • Added locales: Turkish, Hungarian
    • NFC bump
    • WebRTC platform - preffed on/off?
      • Request for both audio and video hung on the same door hanger
      • UI for ensuring a visual indicator in the tab / tab tray to say that audio and/or video is live - will make one
      • QA due diligence: device specs, blocklisting needs -> no different than last week
    • FHR
      • Need to visualize the data collected by users, and currently no visualization is search engines so this is high prio from UX
    • Changeable (UI) search engine default
    • Add search engines - dependency on search suggestions UX
      • -> suggest moving this to 24
    • RSS/Atom feed
    • STB optimization -> new target 24
      • not finished yet, may be shippable in 24 (uplift any fixes to 23 to get sooner: no user interface changes, just interactions: users can navigate through the page)
    • Directional game console nav -> new target 24
      • (uplift any fixes to 23 to get sooner: no user interface changes, just interactions: users can navigate through the page)
      • will need a help page to show mapping of button-to-controller (SUMO?) or an about:controller (ship an add-on with that distribution for info about the controller) (back, forward, refresh,...)
    • Dynamic snippets -> target 24 due to resource dependencies
    • State of good repair

Feature Review

  • Reflow on Zoom (double tap) - not yet ready

Design Projects

  • Settings UI design ready for review
  • STB designs
  • about:home redesign - do we have a concrete plan on how to tackle the engineering work?
    • Schedule in periodic Feature / Design reviews?
    • should see something in fig this week (first up: basics of about:home 'home pager')
    • would like to try some usability testing (current users and new users) to validate our design approaches (Ian talking with UR to get this organized)
    • look at the meta bug and schedule a milestone review to determine when to show people things
  • 'quick share' design concept - feedback
    • Sriram built a quick prototype (based on most common sharing option, no advanced editing)
    • let's try getting this into nightly when it makes
    • add to the 'waiting room'
    • usability based on Android versions need to be documented (functionality can be added to newer versions and not older ones)
  • reader improvements - granular list / target readiness
    • bug 862445 Refinements to Serif view
      • UX reviewed, almost done
    • bug 871014 Refine Reader Menu
      • UX reviewed, almost done
    • bug 872046 Refine "Entering Reading Mode" experience
    • bug 871593 Improved article-to-article Reading List navigation
    • bug 871600 Add end mark to Reader Mode articles
    • bug 862543 Rethink Exit Reader icon
    • bug 871994 Provide better visual feedback for Add to Reading List long press
    • KR to file a bug to try and present reader sooner? (unlikely since it waits for the page to load fully) Any other tricks that could be used?
  • search UX impact of adding more engines
  • Apps on Android: UX & Product MVP requirements before hitting beta, release (to safeguard the initial 'first impression' experience of running Apps on Android) - bug synthesizing APK stuff and to add to a release? - all bugs ride releases

Other Items

  • PiCL: engineering integration into PiCL planning cycle
    • Needs to see a timeline for landing patches for review and feedback prior
    • Need more granularity for milestones / micro-milestones
    • Want clarity on sign-on and understand dependencies on Identity protocols (mitigation, working in parallel)
  • Shumway progress: weekly meetings (Thursdays)
  • Performance benchmarking
    • x86 can be run using nightly
    • where tests won't have changed results with any relevant significance when run on trunk for MWC data, we can use those results to fill out the table of results (and ensure we mark which build was tested for internal reference)