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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Shift in Meeting Topics

  • Tuesday product planning meetings to shift focus on features in the Waiting Room
    • Discuss any additions to the project pages relevant to moving forward with those features with the intent of moving them to a targeted release as soon as everyone feels there is enough information
  • Good pulse with the Wednesday engineering meetings and Project Management 1:1s with a view of ensuring all release work is on track
  • Will keep a standing agenda item to ensure there is time to raise any red flags and hot items that would benefit from a discussion with those in attendance at the Tuesday meetings

Roadmap Review - Engineering

  • Product Management is hosting the Engineering Heads to a product-line roadmap review (all products will be reviewed) this Thursday
  • Intent is that this becomes a regular feature in the product management calendar

Red Flags / Hot Items

  • Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 21 (GA), 22 (beta) or 23 (aurora)?
  • Slovak should make it into b2 for 22
  • Dynamic toolbar bugs being worked on
  • FHR red flag for Fx 23 release but is moving forward
    • Biggest risk: web dev and 'visualization' of search (desktop records search?) but needs privacy and security sign-off
    • UX talking about this on Wednesday
  • about:home redesign - will be done when done, working on FIG
    • Usability testing to be performed on FIG and not on nightly
    • 24 too ambitious, can put it in 25 as the earliest achievable
  • shumway - stake in the ground keeping it in at 24 but need to mesh both engineering and productization expectations are met
    • at risk for 24
  • No PiCL MVP timing plan

Roadmap Review - content

  • Those who are visual, please see PDF version in your inbox)
  • WebAudio api
    • Big API for implementation
    • Preffed-on in Fx 23 but not the whole API will have landed (some support lands for 23)
    • Fx 24 - roll-up of work?
    • EL to double-check with Martin
  • PushNotification
    • May not turn on if spec is in flux at the WC3 level (so will require monitoring)
    • Also privileged)
  • Payments
    • Landed but we don't yet have anything that runs with payments
    • Marketing push needs to be documented (privileged)
  • Dynamic snippets
    • FHR is the conflicting project
    • Settings menu should be prio for localization and we can uplift to aurora in 24 if required (marketplace promo) and can slip to 25 if required
    • Meta bug that details out what work can be done in parallel without Richard's need?
  • WebApp management -> WebApp experience
    • Needs the webapp team to sign them off as APKs (which transitions them away from an html5 app experience)
    • Tradeoff: treat them as HTML5 webapps, or treat them like native Android apps
    • Engineering talked to the WebApps teams about APK synthesis and pulled together some prototypes
    • Webview will not be packed: Fx will still act as the runtime
    • What needs to be prototyped: privileged apps support, updates, installation, runtime, permissions, ...
    • Do we want a fallback (in about:, or widget, or....)
  • Guest mode
    • Not dependent on PiCL
  • WebRTC - preffed on?
    • Not supporting 2.2
    • Not supporting ARMv6
    • When prompts (UI) in place, can we pref it on and collect data as it comes in? Blocklist as needed? Use beta as our testing ground

Feature Review

  • What feature to review next week?


  • Worthwhile to run a SWOT for 20 mins with this team to ensure we all recognize and list our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: internal to Mozilla (features, resources, core competences, etc)
  • Opportunities & Threats: external to Mozilla (industry, competition, etc)