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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Tracking Definitions

For discussion (for the purposes of agreement) - labels used for tracking roadmap items:

  • Proposed: feature is defined to an adequate degree for engineering to assess that they have the resources that can address the feature for the targeted release. Resources can be identified, but work has not commenced.
  • Planned: feature has resources identified and assigned, work is adequately scoped out and engineering agrees that enough information is available to get the work started. Resources are identified and assigned, but work may not have commenced.
  • On track: actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in achieving the target milestone.
  • At risk: blocking bug / high degree of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel that a feature may not achieve the targeted milestone.

Red Flags / Hot Items

Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 22 (beta), 23 (aurora) or 24 (nightly)?

  • Dynamic snippets for Fx 24 - meetings discussing scope and risk
    • needs follow up meeting
  • Directional nav & game console support in Fx 24
    • will schedule review call with Ouya
  • PushNotification API
    • Will need to be revisited next week - not past beta? tracking?
  • Dynamic toolbar
  • WebRTC pushed still targeting Fx 24

On-Going Roadmap Topics

  • Gecko WebView - call it phase 1 for fx 24
  • Packaged apps - code can be tested via kitchen sink app in 24, but will be exposed in conjunction with WebApp experience. Kitchen Sink will expose the api
  • Settings menu refinements into Fx 25. Should also be able to include search management.
  • about:home redesign - create a high-level proj plan to see about making this happen for Fx 25
  • leave privileged apps where it stands right now (work week next week with a roadmap review next wednesday)
  • en-CA waiting on deck
  • Catalan in 24
  • shumway review is needed

Review of Waiting Room items

Feature Review

  • What feature to review next week: mixed content