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Agenda & Minutes

Roadmap launchpad:

Red Flags / Hot Items

Any hot items, red flags of important topics to discuss for 23 (beta), 24 (aurora) or 25 (nightly)?

  • Dynamic snippets - moving to On Deck due to rescoped direction (and will await an appropriate release vehicle / timing from engineering) and will need to be renamed to better reflect what we're doing
    • mitigation = hard-coded promos (contingency only)
    • add-ons can add a page to about:home
    • add-ons can add a tile to designated space to about:home (this is the traditional 'dynamic snippet' approach) -> partner would create an add-on so that the add-on
      • control: block list? tile rotation for the add-on rotation?
  • dynamic toolbar - keep eyes open for any issues
  • about:home redesign 'at risk' for fx 25 due to amount of work for ensuring designs for both tablets and phones are launched at the same time

Settings Menu UI Proposal

  • Ian to share proposal
  • Initial reactions are very very positive
  • Technical implementation under discussion

X86 Support

  • QA
    • Softvision received a ZTE device
    • Can we get them to also order a tablet once commercially released
    • Erin had placed orders based on her etherpad list, although devices are still 'on order'
    • HW coverage seems adequate
    • Kevin or Aaron will be able to run those graphics tests locally (but automatically) on a machine and we all feel confident that running these tests in this manner will suffice for release
      • Timing for running these tests dependent on receipt of hw
      • UPDATE: a-team may be able to stand up a solution so that Kevin / Aaron don't need to run these - woohoo!
  • RelMan
    • Nothing outstanding
  • RelEng (inc a-team requirements)
    • RelEng task to run tests 'by hand'
    • ultimately need automation stood up for x86 at some point, but not a hard requirement before first going to GA

RelMan Process for Alternative Distribution channels

  • Other stores

Review of On Deck items