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  • hot items (erin)
  • guest mode designs (ian)
  • update about the hardware purchase & whatnot for x86 support (john oduinn)


Guest mode designs

  • landed prelim work on nightly
  • have done some more design work
  • sorting out what's next to make it an initial shippable feature
  • designs in project page
  • later: "Send to my Firefox Account" & have it integrated into my PiCL data store?

Hot items

  • FHR - some discussion around this in process
  • push notifications at risk
  • webrtc because it's still buggy probably ok for beta at least ,need qa to make a go/no-go on this for beta
  • swedish locale is at risk
  • need sec rev for geoloc services
  • add guest mode
  • game console stuff moved here
  • about:home is here
Product announcement test
Nightly product announcement to focus on anyone using Fx20 or lower on Nightly only, going to push this out and doing this just to keep testing the text. Testing character limits, etc - and tap target & results - may need an interstitial page to explain what's going on.
Got sign off from Brendan staff that this is a viable project - goal is to get it landed preffed off asap. More information coming soon.

x86 hardware purchase

  • Bug filed, waiting on approval from Sylvie in IT, Bob will be meeting with her today just waiting on sign off.
  • Will take a while to stand up, but this should not block shipping -- need one manual run minimum, which is a blocker.