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  • On Deck features for Fx 26/27/28?
  • Hot items (elan)
  • x86 hardware ordering update (joduinn)
  • Reminder: July 31 Roadmap presentation at (I believe) 3pm eastern (noon pacific)


On Deck features for Fx 26/27/28

Fx26 Ships on 12/10, Fx27 is Trunk on 09/17 & GA on 01/21, Fx28 is Trunk on 10/29, GA on 02/04
  • Fx 26: Accelerated 2D canvas
  • Fx 26: Async subframe scrolling
UX is starting work on...
  • Fx 28?: Silverfox
  • Fx 27?: Kinderfox
  • Fx : First run UX
Other stuff
  • PiCL MVP maybe Fx28 - there will be code landing in the meantime but nothing shippable.
  • Add Chromecast to second-screen project page as a specific use case. Maybe do some exploratory work in Fx26.
  • AMO discoverability - move up to Fx26, would be doing this work within the new about:Home add-ons side.
  • Prioritize DevFox project definition - We have a devtools designer on board now & Chenxia and Ian may have something around setting up the remote debugger.

Hot items

  • Likely 'on track'
    • Need to get any additional FHR reqs (text/explanations etc) from karen and alex ASAP.
  • Keeping tabs on this to avoid last-minuteness but not reproducible, yet bug 898877 - Awesome Bar hides when page fits the screen
  • Also tracking for Fx25 bug 896547 - Dynamic toolbar causes scroll events to be fired repeatedly
  • Last Beta 10 build went to build today, is our RC1
  • Note top issues (not not blockers): bug 896992 - Activity looping if GeckoApp has been killed and Settings is launched from notification and bug 891607
  • Partnership dot release?

x86 hardware ordering update

Round table