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  • Hot items
    • WebRTC
  • Fx 26 roadmap walk-through
  • Guest browsing walk-through (Fx 25)
  • Revision of the 'share' deck for partner discussion
  • Roundable


Hot items

  • webRTC
    • need more ad hoc testing (did some on Friday)
    • overall consensus is we want to ship it preffed on but need a better matrix of testing
    • Fx 24 is also an ESR release, therefore if a chemspill occurs, needs to also include an ESR re-spin
      • can see if DataChannel and PeerConnection to see how contained they are
  • product announcements
    • no interim page for this round for this first test
    • they went out Tuesday on the beta channel [we have since gotten reports that announcements were showing up in wrong languages and a new Campaign Manager has since been deployed that should resolve the issue]
  • security review on Android video bug
    • review is done
    • Finkle will ping cdouble to see if we can land the bug (first on nightly and run QA, then uplift)
    • will need to either respin on Fx 23 or an early beta - preference being to respin Fx 23 as a dot release
    • timing is imminent
  • Brian working on firefox for readers - no update yet

Guest browsing

  • Ian's thoughts
    • General speaking, works as designed (menu option, context provided, browses, and exits deleting data)
    • Allowing people to send data after the session may feel like the next logical step
    • More important: making the UI more obvious that you're guest browsing (can we squeeze this into our initial release?) Time release pop-up or after the browser has closed and reopened (without exiting the browser)
      • We could squeeze in a colour change into this release, but no text changes (that would have to land in Fx 26) - but could only land in Aurora at this point
    • KR will check to see if this can be metric-ed somehow
    • need to triage bugs

'share' deck

  • revision to be circulated later :)
  • some components *could* be done via add-on APIs
  • if partners using intents (icons), could do that as an add-on in an API or also follow most frequent & second most-frequent share providers
    • frequency would be user-controlled
    • if we want more control to include bundling, frequency may need to be revisited
    • possible default position first then moving to frequency


  • On Deck - extra categories
  • WIP Engineering category - any ready for release tracking?
    • PDF.js will be Arun's first standalone project without rushing to a specific release (yet!)
    • API prioritization
    • WebApp experience - prototype in nightly by end of Q3?...
    • Fx 26: second screen: chromecast is really Chrome and developer oriented. really in investigation to possibly allow add-ons discover chromecast until it's opened up more to 3rd parties. nothing exposed to user interface. mfinkle will talk about what the two patches will do (around discoverability of a google tv / chromecast on your LAN)
  • followup on earlier discussions about l10n changes to support additional locales?
    • possibly reduce side of fennec install?
    • this will be a topic we undertake at the mobile work week (week of Sept 16)
  • l10n update
    • Aurora: south african EN quiet, but not yet at risk. Irish and Ukraining on track.
    • Romanian team trying to be included in Fx 25 but l10n team targeting Fx 26 (Jeff will keep us informed)
    • Other Fx 26 locales: 2 others (Jeff will confirm)