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  • Hot items
    • WebRTC for Fx 24
    • Fig integration
    • Product announcements: round 2 (targeting users on Fx 22 and lower on BETA)
    • Video (tablet) bug
    • Fx for readers
    • Guest browsing: colour change?
  • Roadmap walk-through
  • Revision of the 'share' deck for partner discussion
  • Roundtable


Hot items

  • Fx24 Beta
Needs Action
    • bug 896350 - Unable to open files by tapping the download complete notification
      • Needs Wesj to take a look / review the patch
    • bug 904784 - Local shared active media notification does not dismiss on tab close; possible gUM leak
      • Pinged bnicholson who will take a look
  • webRTC
    • completed more testing: populate the wiki page. Bugs need poking to see if anything valuable or actionable can be taken (need to ping Maire)
    • can be mitigated and managed via appropriate messaging
    • overall consensus is that we ship beforehand
    • Fx 24 is an ESR release: how constrained are DataChannel and PeerConnection (risk mitigation)? these are very contained APIs and doesn't feel they should cause issues in other areas of the code
    • can we state criteria in advance (not poor audio/video, not synced, may accept webrtc fixes as ride-alongs, doesn't work on 'a' device). Alex to talk to Bhavana to roll up to RelMan
  • Fig integration
    • Long tail of follow-up bugs of regressions
    • Increased number of crashes (AaronMT has noted some as reproducible for prioritization)
    • Some performance bugs (memory usage caught on armweslimyet, talos regression, eideticker regression - is it really a regression?, slower on 2.3 devices)
      • Lucas looking at perf issues this week
    • Can explore not implementing some features on lower-spec devices as optimization
    • next 2 weeks: getting brunt of the fig work cleaned up so aurora is in steady state
  • product announcements
    • Rolled out half of the second batch of messages to the largest set of locales
    • Will get some updated figures later today
    • If still not negative feedback, will send out the second batch
    • The first group got a lot of clickthroughs, but did not create a spike in daily downloads (but will require further investigation)
    • NB: the link pointed to the webpage where a user needs to sign in, instead of pointing to the native app (which shouldn't require a user to re-sign in). Also could use an https: link - mfinkle to send Jesse a note and he can try that for the second batch later today
  • Android video (tablet) bug
    • main patch landed and 2 regressions were found (and patched and landed)
    • mfinkle to talk to cdouble (in NZ) to look at ALL the patches to see which should be uplifted to aurora and beta
    • mfinkle pushing to hold the mobile beta to get these patches in - for Fx 23.0.2 (since 0.1 is already taken)
  • Fx for readers
    • if we can hold beta to Thursday, could *possibly* land something today
    • we do what the stock browser does in terms of text, but the stock browser sends the screenshot and overrides
    • recommendation: getting screen shot in place (won't happen for 24 as it won't make a Thursday spin) so would get this into 25
    • 24 behaviour is as-is right now
  • Guest browsing: colour change?
    • posted suggestions in the bug as visual indicator to pervasively inform folks they are still in guest browsing

Roadmap walk-through

quick walk-through:

  • Fx 26 search : AaronMT to send Erin the bug number for one bug that's not showing up (same with Margaret for the icon bug)
  • Fx 26 push notifications API : not testable (doesn't do all the way yet). we are waiting on push notifications to run on a headless (background) mechanism over gecko [ same as alarms ]. need blassey's input (platform team). Won't make it into 26 so need to push it out.
  • Fx 27 sound effects : Ian to check with Patryk on what fxos does.
  • Fx 27 game console : front-end confirms they can look at picking this up again for 27
  • Fx 27 webapp : the priority, the rest if secondary
  • On deck gecko webview : if stars align, target Fx 28?
  • On deck dynamic snippet add-on : blocked on the banner bug (Margaret planning on finishing that API then we can build the add-on)

'share' deck

  • revision to be circulated - timing? another draft to be send out today (holding you to that, Ian!) and will look for quick feedback turnaround


  • l10n update
    • Other Fx 26 locales: 2 others (Jeff will confirm)
  • Marketing
    • Pulse for marketing status updates - instead of weekly, could be biweekly - confirmed will be biweekly
    • Jesse following up on Disney marketing campaign
  • Diversifying Fx for Android's strategy
  • Please start using the 'feature' keyword to help better track features (high and low level) for RelMan feature tracking (for overarching visibility across various teams etc)