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Hot items

  • Fx 25
    • SUMO: any first impressions general feedback? - [roland]: looks good
    • Need to keep our eyes open for: bug 923912 - SkiaGL PDF.js demo rendering slow and buggy - [roland] since i got back i don't see this cropping up
  • Fx 26
    • addition of bing & yahoo
      • Seems like en-US, FR, es-ES and DE on track for 26
      • GB are at risk for 26
    • Fix for bug 934514 - Fennec crashes on KitKat will be uplifted up to beta (does not occur on GA)
    • about:home fixes/uplifts - [roland]: Tyler and I will look for feedback on new about:home

Yay, this was verified fixed in beta 2 bug 918007 - Disable toolbar elements (menu, back, forward, tabs) while in editing mode on tablets

    • bug 925722 - Search suggestions require an extra tap to hit

Product Feature Funnel

  • Project pages being reviewed for P1 items
  • Deb working with UR to determine testing and prototyping help
  • Meeting scheduled for Thursday to provide 'relative effort' estimations for P1 items
  • Will use the Wiki as our current tool


  • Once rough estimates are provided, features will be added as proposed targets up to Fx 31


  • Jeff's trail
  • Meta bug: bug 935025
  • Some options
    • Single locales uploaded to Google Play
    • Subset smaller locales uploaded to Google Play
    • Start-up performance hit checking for flags :/
  • Need technical evaluation of options
    • Today's cost vs what we can achieve
  • Test a single locale repack for distribution outside the Play store as a 'test' for uptake and benefit
  • Separately continue to grow the multilocale build
  • Separately continue a locale picker
  • File a bug to change es just to es (remove the region code) to provide language choice

Feature walk-throughs for Fx 27

  • Re-design of about:home walk-through
  • Favicon rewrite walk-through Fx 27
    • Do we need specific notes / pointers / things to look out for?
  • Yahoo! & Bing additions
    • Ensure all new (and current) profiles work as expected with the additional search engines


  • Partner update
  • Marketing update