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Hot items

  • We need to stabilize the progressbar work as the merge to Aurora approaches. (need a new bug for tweaks)
  • We need finish up action bar, still. Having everything in Nightly by Friday would be good - do we feel like we can still uplift?
    • bug 949613 - Scrolled off title-bar is shown when prior it is hidden after an action or dismissal of use of the text-selection action-bar
    • bug 955861 - Long-tapping on reader mode toolbar icons triggers text selection mode
    • bug 950698 - Change the text for the tip for adding more search providers from Settings->Customize->Search settings
    • bug 956782 - Swap Search and Share in Text-Selection Action Bar
    • bug 956900 - Text-selection action-bar persists after a paste and adding a search engine operation; operation not treated as final
    • bug 952112 Share button in text-selection action-bar is incorrectly scaled
  • This might be the week where we start looking at UI prototypes for the Home Panel project.
  • AaronMT just published a nice list of bugs/observations from his initial testing of FxAccounts. There may be some initial fixes


  • Margaret: Update on getting this turned on using the real snippets service in Nightly so we can start testing
  • Jesse: Update on getting the first few snippets ready for Fx29 rollout (sooner is better, at least for some test content)


  • Update from Jesse about MWC plans around Android.
  • Product Announcments - have we determined whether those are working as intended at this point?

Roadmap update

  • Any changes or additions?

Feature or UX walk-throughs

  • Nothing this week


  • Roku second screen project has one patch left for Firefox and a bit more work on the Roku app. There will be some debugging phase where we need to work out the connection kinks and website <video> compatibility.
  • Update from Jeff: "Estonian is in and good and we're set for the locales aiming at 29"