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Hot items/Roadmap update

Roadmap found here

  • Fixed -> Bug 1006947 - HomeProvider: org.mozilla.gecko.sqlite.SQLiteBridgeException: Can't step statement: (5) database is locked

Goals check in

Deb, Mark, Brad, Ian

Any status changes to the following?

  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30)
  • [ON TRACK] initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31 Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
    • goal is about addressing feedback concerns
  • [ON TRACK] First-run experience (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
    • Goal is an improved first-run experience - not teaching the whole app, but streamlining the initial experience
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Startup performance - instrument and start measuring WebApp startup performance [dria, snorp, blassey]
    • Snorp's working on it
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh [dria, ibarlow]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, minkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31) [dria, mfinkle]



I will be unavailable for this meeting, but here is the update on our end.

This week we are testing the Fennec FHR data to verify that our deorphaning algorithms are working properly. This means we're comparing it to BLP data, etc. to make sure we're not overcounting. If all checks out, then we can confidently use Fennec FHR data for ALL SORTS OF THINGS, including dashboards, reports, and more in-depth forecasting for Fennec.







  • Share FxA: project brief in development

Google Play Statistics

  • Current installs by users: 23,471,060
  • Passed 23M mark on May 14
  • Daily installs by users
  • Peak: 113,412 on May 1
  • Low: 91,303 May 20

Daily uninstalls by users

  • Peak: 108,627 on May 1
  • Low: 94,378 on May 5
  • May 1 - June 1 Avg Daily Installs by user: 99,516
  • May 1 - June 1 Avg Daily Uninstalls by user: 99,275

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark and Deb


  • Coop says that having single locale update channels is "just flipping a pref." So let's do it for all locales for 30?