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Roadmap & Hot items

Jenn & everyone

Roadmap found here

Open questions

  • Where do these items fall on the roadmap?
    • Undo/Close Tab feature (which was missing for Fx32 on the Wiki and was backed out of the Fx32 cycle)
    • Quick switch to tab (same thing
  • Question for mfinkle - think you had some other 33 updates to send to me, other than mentioned here?
  • EOL 2.2 ESR - 4 months of security updates possible? Yes - brings us to Oct.
    • Is still in Fx31 EOL, then ESR from there - details TBD.
  • Status of RTL support & what we need to do to get that moving
    • blocked on sdk 19, no longer a blocker, could assign resources to unbitrot the patches & get them rereviewed and landed...sounds easier than it is, and will mean more work moving forward for doing testing on RTL builds.
    • Next steps: determine the list of things that need to be done and set this up as an acutal project (project page w/ list and tracking bugs) then start landing stuff in Nightly. Who? Deb and Rnewman can figure out who needs to be involved...

Goals check in

Deb, Mark, Brad, Ian

Any status changes to the following?

  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Firefox Hub - initial version shipped in GA with 2 add-ons (Fx30)
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Initial Tiles-like functionality with full telemetry probes (Fx31 MISSED 31, now targeting Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: User support - contextual tips (Fx32) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [AT RISK] Firefox on Android: First-run experience (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, mfinkle]
  • [ON TRACK] Firefox on Android: Startup performance - instrument and start measuring WebApp startup performance [dria, snorp, blassey]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Tablets - Complete design spec for tabbed browsing refresh [dria, ibarlow]
  • [AT RISK] Firefox on Android: Search widget (Fx33) [dria, ibarlow, minkle]
  • [DONE] Firefox on Android: Quick Share Provider functionality including support for defaults via distributions (Fx31) [dria, mfinkle]





Adobe's marketing group released their take on browser trend numbers last week. Like a number of other orgs, they've stopped differentiating between desktop, mobile, and tablets, and just report on total share. They give the nod to Chrome over IE in the US, and we've seen similar reports elsewhere.
Why we should care: The new "browser war" reporting is cross-platform, with mobile contributing more and more to web browsing/access in general. There's a need to be aware in the gradual shift of market share reporting, and how more orgs are looking at browsers across platforms, rather than by platform.

A little-known company talked a bit about it's plans around operating systems and cross-platform integration at it's World Wide Developer conference. Lots of interesting bits around iOS 8 and Yosemite, including things like Continuity and mirroring voice and messaging between iOS and OS X, iOS app extensions, and expanded notifications.
Why we should care: Apple continues to bring some amazing features to its platform, and only to its platform. They're taking good ideas from other platforms and improving on them as new features for the Apple ecosystem, while further locking their users in. Some great ideas, particularly around notifications/intents and picking up where you left off regardless of device.





  • G.A. Release notes updated in Google Play store with update screenshots of Quickshare buttons and add-on homescreen panel
  • Beta Release notes will updated later this morning (PDT)
  • GOOD NEWS: Google Play store rating up to 4.4 (from 4.35)

Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark, Karen and Deb



Px Status Project DRI Goals * Epic
[ON TRACK] Videocasting (Roku) wesj ECO bug 921924
[ON TRACK] Firefox Hub v3 (bugfixes & polish + more add-ons) margaret GRO, REV bug 1014032
[ON TRACK] Suggested sites v1 lucasr GRO bug 988366
[ON TRACK] Contextual tips for users ibarlow GRO TBD
[ON TRACK] UI lang switching rnewman GRO TBD
[ON TRACK] Synced tabs page as entry point into Firefox Accounts & Sync (bug 958889) ibarlow ECO TBD
[ON TRACK] Add a Clear History control to the history panel bug 998009 margaret GRO TBD
[ON TRACK] Android Gamepad backend bug 852935 Ted ECO TBD
[ON TRACK] Support weighted snippets bug 1002567 margaret GRO, ECO bug 1002567
 ? Undo closed tabs bug 1002567 margaret  ? bug 701725
 ? Switch-to-new-tab super-toast bug 1002567 nalexander  ? bug 997288
  • GO currently build-blocked - NOTE: revisit roku after next merge, go for now.
    • about:devices page needs to exist and needs some UX love or something before this can go forward
  • GO Hub v3
    • Some bugs
    • NOTE: Do more testing on the add-ons + revisit what we have and what else we might want to build
    • work on l10n for add-ons
  • GO Suggested sites: on track, with one potential patch uplift to aurora - lucasr is pretty confident about the risk levels because there are existing unit tests
  • NO-GO Undo close tab - to be discussed
  • NO-GO Switch to new tab - to be discussed
  • GO Contextual tips
  • GO UI lang switching - a few minor polish bugs to uplift.
  • GO synced tabs page
  • GO clear history on history panel
  • GO android gamepad backend
  • GO weighted snippets