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Roadmap update

Jenn & Deb

  • Funnel review meeting booked for next week.
  • What projects exist that aren't currently reflected in the Roadmap/Funnel?
    • Kindle fixes
    • Janus
    •  ??

Hot items

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] Create and enable downloadable distributions in Fx33 (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Improve on-boarding experience. Minimal projects landing in Fx33. Additional projects landing in Fx34 (GRO)
  • [ON TRACK] Search activity & widget. Feature will be enabled in in pre-release channels. Won't ride trains to release until it's better than MVP. (GRO, REV)
  • [ON TRACK] Explore productization of Janus, a proxy system for data compression and privacy. Deliverable is a go/no-go decision and a product plan (if it's a 'go'). (ECO, REV)



  • Hamilton sent a quick update yesterday saying that they've started working on the Fennec dashboard again (after being pulled into another project for a while), and that they'll have a better idea of when the crunched FHR data will be available after next week. Things are at least rolling on this again.


Worth a Read



Rob & Roland

Same Top Weekly Issues (

  • Hangs and Freezes
  • Crashes
  • Video playback problems and crashes
  • Slowness

Highest organic praise levels in Input since March!



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen