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Roadmap & Funnel update


  • Roadmap
  • Review of status of Nightly features in development
  • Any 35 or 34 issues to be aware of?

Hot items


  • L10N in progress for Privacy Coach
    • [Status Here]
    • Awaiting confirmation from AMO on drop dead for upload of files, to meet the launch deadline.

Goals check in

Mark & Karen

  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Ship new Search Activity for Android in Fx35.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Establish a GTM plan for project 105 v1 release, including deployment, marketing and required Cloud Services resources.
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Agree on joint Android launcher & lock screen plan for a Beta Launch in Q1, including fulfillment of all assets and UX flows as required
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Add required content server metrics for tracking Suggested Sites in Fx35
  • [ON TRACK] FxMobile: Land a set of client-side password improvements (for FxAccounts) in Fx36


Worth a Read

  • Google's Sundar Pichai was promoted last week in a move that solidifies Google's movement towards a unified, backend-anchored, multi-screen experience. Pichai was originally fronting Android and Chrome OS (and a couple other related services), and now takes on Google's most important web properties, including Gmail, Search, AdSense, and the infrastructure that runs it. This gives business units inside Google better alignment around company goals, and shows the confidence Google has in Pichai. Expect further alignment in Google's unified experience movement through products like Inbox and moving more Google Account data in the cloud, where it doesn't rely on a client app.
  • Ars Technica has an overview of some of the more interesting changes in Lollipop which focus on unbundling apps and APIs to mitigate fragmentation risk, an enhanced setup process focusing on user experience, and the shift in the Nexus brand from a market-share builder to a premium offering.





  • Looks good
  • Starting to get casting more feedback (4 comments)


  • Casting feedback (4 comments)
  • One piece of feedback on Tablet Mode (back button behavior with URL bar selected)



Partner review

No notes - in-meeting updates from Mark & Karen


  • iOS investigation
  • Demo time starring St3fan!