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Goals check in

Mark & Karen
Q4 Goals

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Tracking Protection: Javaun to join the weekly meeting to listen in

iOS Happenings

Partner review

In-meeting updates from Mark & Karen
Status can be found on Mana

Search Update






  • Nothing major
  • One report of indexing error in Top Sites
    • "The links/shortcuts on my home screen just randomly open some recent page instead of exactly the page that I created the link/shortcut for." 5496210


  • Nothing major
  • [Beta] One report of Roku Breakage
    • "This app was doing great, the only reason I have it is to stream shows and movies from the Internet to my roku. It worked great until maybe the last week. Now mime and file formats are not supported, the little streaming symbol doesn’t even appear on any site. Not sure what the developers did but this needs to be fixed. At this point I have no use for the app and I’m sure others are running into the same problems." 5498481
  • [Beta] Repeated report from last week that external links are overriding existing pages
    • "Clicking on links from other apps no longer opens each link in a separate tab. Instead tabs get overwritten by subsequent links." 5500065


Survey Round II

  • Our results are largely in line with the first survey, but we asked more targeted questions about Reading List and Search, and more specific text feedback questions.
  • Top issues/feature requests:
    • Performance issues
    • Parity with desktop, especially add-ons, especially ad blockers
    • Better interactions with other apps
    • UX/UI Issues
    • Private browsing
  • Top areas of happiness:
    • General happiness
    • UX/Ease of use
    • Sync
    • Performance
    • Reading List
  • Our NPS score is virtually the same as last time at -6.0 (vs -6.5 last time)






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