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Hot items


  • [KR] unpublishing Firefox from the T-Store (Korea) this Friday - we seem to be all set!
  • [KR] EOL on HC plans and to-dos hanging off of the Aha feature card, including a dependency on displaying a system notification to HC users only upon update. Target is Fx 45, but if this needs to get pushed due to capacity issues, we can move this to Fx 46.

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Planning feature cards for 45 and 46
  • Connected web content (formerly reading list): UX flow meeting with Anthony
  • FFB: created specific Aha feature cards with 3 main items to accomplish:
    • Custom light themes to select during onboarding
    • Blocklist and adding items to whitelist
    • Simplifying and moving control and settings into browser
  • Product processes:
    • Aha capacity and T-shirt sizes, and themes
    • working different views for funnel
  • Barbara working from Germany all next week (+6hours for all EST friends, and +9hours for all PST friends)

iOS Happenings

  • iOS Launch prep - PR and social videos, marketing activities this week
  • v1.2 - bug fix release
  • Brainstorming on connected devices (task continuity), simplifying home panels and platform specific interactions

Partner review

In-meeting updates
Status can be found on Mana






Weekly feedback in spreadsheet


(With ADavis, MHan, and Gregglind) We are currently testing promotion of iOS via HB. Will have stats for Austrailia by EOD Thursday to determine viability. As it stands we have only 1 known piece of negative feedback after hitting 10% of new sessions in Australia the past 18 hours (their full day). **If you see anything on social please report it immediately to RRayborn.**


1. 11/09 - Test in Australian timezones/English locales for 10% of new sessions
2. 11/10 - Stop test/Evaluate
3. 11/12 - Test in all English markets for 10% of new sessions
4. 11/13 - Stop test/Evaluate
5. After approvals/Next week - Ramp to 100% of English Markets
6. Later - Test/launch in other locales

User Research


  • Mobile Office Hours
    • Immediately following this meeting in Gemma's Vidyo.
    • Weekly schedule
    • Today: Save, Share, Revisit (January 2015). Report.
  • October Monthly Mobile Presentation
    • This Thursday at noon (Pacific) in Gemma's Vidyo.
  • November Monthly Mobile Research
    • Diary study is happening now. Interviews will be Friday (11/13), Monday (11/16) & Tuesday (11/17). Schedule TBD.






Android Demo

All eyes on iOS :) We let the iOS team to show their stuff

iOS Demo

  • Private Browsing (Steph)
  • 1password (James)
  • Visual search (Emily)


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links


Q3 Goals