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Hot items


  • Android: Delay to FF43.0 Android release due to bandwidth consumption issues, caused by FHR deprecation
  • iOS: Our proposed plan for V2.0 is currently at risk. Only 4 business days remain until proposed V2.0 string freeze. Testflight process holds up our build schedule for 1.4 and subsequently 2.0, as we wait on 1.3 to be reviewed and approved for release. Overall schedule most likely needs to be revisited and reworked.

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Legal approval for block list work
  • Sourcing FFB block list
  • Market/custom onboarding
  • Prioritize H1 initiatives and create feature cards linked to them

iOS Happenings

  • Planing and testing v1.3 (Waiting For Review), v1.4 (changes for the Chinese market) and v2.0 (TestFlight builds early January)
    • build plans being discussed, to line up with Apple holiday review break
    • discussion - how to optimize L10N activity for V2.0
  • Prioritize H1 initiatives and create feature cards linked to them
  • Review security requests and plan implementation

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Francisco
Status can be found on Mana





Firefox for iOS

3.5 Stars

Annotated Feedback

Top Issues

  1. Content and/or ad blocking built in or otherwise
  2. Bookmark accessing difficult
  3. Bookmark organization needs greater functionality
  4. Lastpass integration
  5. General Sync issues
  6. PBM for iOS 8
  7. Faster way to switch tabs (gestures, top level button, etc)
  8. Continue with Cert warning
  9. Homepage
  10. Never remember passwords pref
  11. Always on private browsing pref

Interesting Feedback

  1. Crashes on shares from 3rd party apps (2 reports, Outlook and Cydia [a jailbreaker])
  2. Request for Bookmark menu to keep state between uses


4.5 Stars

Main negatives include:

  1. Not understanding that Focus is not an ad blocker
  2. Wanting to whitelist tracking in specific contexts (i.e. when browsing specific sites)


Sending out report by EOD, but a visual scan didn't find anything notable

ADavis: Teaming up with Social Engagement and SUMO to reply to negative reviews. We're bringing support to users.

User Research






Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • No demos for iOS this week, as team has been concentrating on bug fixes for 1.3/1.4


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links


Q3 Goals