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Hot items


Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • HLS (HTTP live streaming) support for Fennec
  • Getting started with re:dash
  • Blog post draft for mobile blog
  • Triage Video bugs

iOS Happenings


  • FF for iOS 2.1 - available in App store (as of March 5th).
  • V3.0
    • The latest build has been made available to the external testflight audience, and we have approx. 165 installs as of this morning
    • Submission target for V3.0 - March 22nd
  • V4.0
    • FC Target - April 5th, Submission Target - May 3rd
  • Cross-functional meeting has moved to Mondays, as of March 14th, to accommodate conflicts. Please prioritize attendance for the next meeting as we're just two weeks from submission.
  • Adding iOS Dates to the public Rapid Release Calendar - looks like I have edit ability to do this. Can I??


  • V2.1 Scope - It contains mostly bug fixes and restored third-party keyboard support.
  • Currently, FF for iOS 3.0 is available in Testflight with updated Top sites and Passcode/TouchID for the login manager.
  • Continue UX design reviews on Menu, Tab management and Home page experience
  • FF for iOS 4.0 - scope and feature prioritization
  • Firefox for iOS – Powered by Feedback | Mobile Blog [1]

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks: working away...
  • First-run tour: chatted with Anthony about alternatives
  • Activity stream: Location-based features meeting
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: working away ...

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Francisco
Status can be found on Mana



User Research


  • Welcome new User Researcher, Sharon Bautista!
  • Office Hours:
    • Monthly Mobile brainstorming! Add your questions here.
  • Workflows Research Update:
    • Working on pre-analysis and putting together participant profiles.
    • Full-team analysis week in Toronto the week of 3/29.


Mike / Alex



  • [MP] Ongoing discussions on Location context in the mobile apps
  • [KR] reader functionality
  • [KR] mobile blog
  • [KR] Sniffles for Darrin's last week

Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Menu design overview - Robin


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links