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Hot items


Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Content notifications including experiments landed (Nightly)
  • Planned how to move forward with screenshots inside Fennec
  • Outcome and result statements for current initiatives (request from Sheila/Mayo)
  • Meeting with FlyWeb team
  • Chat with UX/marketing about first run as just one part of onboarding, further work on e.g. contextual hints needed
  • Chat about Add-Ons promotion
Metrics Corner

Longitudinal unique users observations: History and Bookmarks in Menu since 46 (Beta beginning of March)

Loading bookmark URL has been increasing since end of March, but saving is slightly declining


Bookmarks saving decline.png

However, more users tapped on History than Bookmarks in Menu

Menu actions by unique users.png


iOS Happenings

  • Released Firefox for iOS v3.0 on March 30th
  • V4.0 FC Target is Today, April 5th
  • Researched an issue with potential data corruption on upgrade from 2.x to 3.0 (estimated very low impact, likely only TF users). Potential candidate for 3.1 release.
  • Reviewed Bookmarks and feedback analysis with iOS team; action plan
  • Discussed goals and requirements of emailing Test Flight users with DEG (the target system for mass emailing to users)
    • Kick-off with DEG happening this week
  • Prioritized UT and content blocking for iOS app
  • Involvement in efforts to improve sync data integrity - iOS Proposal is being worked on

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks
  • First-run tour: confirming probes to provide results for A/B test
  • Activity stream: nothing new to report
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: landed in Nigthly :)

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Karen
Status can be found on Mana



User Research


  • Workflows Research:
    • Spent last week in Toronto with the field team conducting analysis.
    • Created participant profiles (PII)
    • Next Steps: Continue analysis, draft findings report, plan North American research.
  • Monthly Mobile:
    • Tablet Study - Diary Study this week. Vidyo interviews next week.
    • We will be circulating a sign-up sheet for anyone who like to join an interview and help with note-taking (Date/Time TBD).
  • UR Hiring:
    • We've had about 100 applicants and will be following up with 24.
    • Gemma starts phone interviews this week.
  • Office Hours:
    • Nothing planned, but I'll be hanging out and happy to talk about any current work (Workflows Analysis, Tablet Monthly Mobile Study, Hiring, etc.).





  • [MP] FlyWeb and other Location-awareness discussions occurred last week, follow-ups need to be done
  • [MP] Maria is on PTO this week
  • [MF] Simple analysis of add-on usage in Firefox for Android (release channel).
    • Of ~150K unique users in the sample, only 6887 had add-ons installed.
    • Top add-ons are Adblock Plus (21%), uBlock Origin (7%) and Flash Video Downloader (4%).
    • Of those with at least one add-on installed, 61% had one add-on and 27% had two add-ons installed.

Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Nothing planned this week, but prepping one for next week!


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links