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  • Jeff Introducing Delphine, taking over my role with l10n for both Fennecs.

Roadmap & Funnel update


Android Happenings

  • Analysis of A/B experiment: multiple onboarding slides
  • Next round of on-boarding: feature-focused promotion through slides
  • Top sites discussions

Metrics Corner

Content notifications (since April 4 in Nightly)

(nightly numbers)

  • Totals
    • ~ 700 feeds have been subscribed to in total, and around 170 notifications have been sent.
  • Uniques:
    • 145 users have been automatically subscribed (~5 feeds (bookmarks) per user)
    • 158 users have automatically received content notifications
    • 20 users have clicked on notification (13% engagement rate)
    • 18 users have clicked on settings in notifications
    • 2 users have removed bookmarks that they were subscribed to
    • 23 users went into settings and changed the setting to off
    • 7 users went into settings and changed the setting back to on
Top Alexa default top websites engagement
  • People like and click on our suggested sites:



Live experiments include:

  • On for whole nightly and beta populations:
    • Bookmark-history-menu: Display "History" and "Bookmarks" menu items in 3-dot menu.
    • Offline-cache: Try to load pages from disk cache when network is offline.
    • Search-term: Show search mode (instead of home panels) when tapping on urlbar if there is a search term in the urlbar.
  • Not on yet(?) - Min 0, Max 0
    • Whatsnew-notification: Show a "What's new" notification when the browser updates. Tapping on this notification will open a new tab with a SUMO article about what is new in Firefox.
  • On for 25% each of the nightly population:
    • Content-notifications-12hrs: Enable content notifications and check for updates every 12 hours at random times based on app start.
    • Content-notifications-8am: Enable content notifications and check for updates every day at 8 am.
    • Content-notifications-5pm: Enable content notifications and check for updates every day at 5 pm.
  • On for 50% of the nightly population:
    • Promote-add-to-homescreen [wasn't included in page blurb]

This was included in the blurb but not in experiments.json:

  • Malware-download-protection: Enable malware download protection.

iOS Happenings

  • Firefox for iOS v4.0 - stabilization. Main features are: Today's widget, Bookmarks in awesomebar results and Overwrite certificate errors.
  • Firefox for iOS v5.0 includes major UI changes - combine history related panels, Menu, Home page and tab management.
  • Continue working through enabling bi-directional bookmarks (fixing the bookmarks folders and sync state messaging prior to turning it in)
  • Enable users to add new search engines in the app

Feature Focus

If not already discussed above, a quick check on selected key projects:

  • Migrating Reading List from a home panel to bookmarks: see Demo :)
  • First-run tour: as discussed (earlier)
  • Activity stream: nothing new
  • Monitoring / notifying Web for new content: some first nightly results (see above)

Partner review

In-meeting updates: Karen
Status can be found on Mana



User Research






Feature Demos

Android Demos

iOS Demos

  • Menu/Toolbar (Emily)
  • Bookmarks in awesomebar results (Emily)
  • Today's widget (James)


Android Notable Links

iOS Notable Links