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ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
849254 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.setToolbarHeight( RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
849539 -- java.lang.RuntimeException - Unable to start activity (WebApps) - android.widget.LinearLayout cannot be cast to android.widget.RelativeLayout RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
849573 -- Regression: GL graphic glitches in tab menu - LG Nexus 4 VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850154 -- The Find in Page bar is displayed over the URL bar VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850690 -- Gap at the top of the document with dynamic toolbar enabled RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850724 -- Regression: Missing or transparent tab address bar when tab menu is open VERIFIED
850783 -- Regression: Scrollbars hidden behind toolbar when toolbar revealed RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850789 -- [Tablet] - Hide tab sidebar when dynamic toolbar is off screen RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850889 -- Scrolling with URL bar visible causes choppiness/shaking RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852158 -- Pages sometimes shift under the toolbar while loading RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852277 -- Regression: Text-box focus pushed off-screen on Nokia Here Maps with dynamic toolbar enabled, difficult to scroll into view VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852565 -- Lock toolbar on pages smaller than the screen size RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852955 -- [AccessFu] Trying to activate items at top of pages brings up awesome bar or menu instead VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
853300 -- click on android's menu button should bring up the toolbar if its hidden in dynamic mode RESOLVED
853820 -- Doorhanger buttons slightly cut off when dynamic toolbar is hidden RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
853831 -- Reader mode toolbar doesn't appear at the top of the page VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
853986 P1 Empty space at the top of fullscreen HTML5 video with dynamic toolbar enabled VERIFIED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
854099 -- Regression: the top end of anchored element is hidden by dynamic toolbar. RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
855240 -- Regression: Video trailer playback on is broken VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
856252 -- Regression: Arrowing down to content from BrowserToolBar does not work VERIFIED Eitan Isaacson [:eeejay]
856497 -- Regression: IMDB search field hidden behind awesomebar VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
856932 -- Incorrect layer position when panning down to make the urlbar visible VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
858969 P1 window.scrollTo() cannot ensure compatibility when dynamic toolbar is enabled RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
859031 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp$8$ RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
859100 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar.canToolbarHide( RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
860497 -- Readermode popup menu positioned wrong VERIFIED
864554 -- Address bar hides the tops of pages on first load (e.g, Facebook) RESOLVED
865298 P1 Dynamic toolbar refactor fix-ups RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
866461 -- constantly resizing (scrollbar dance) VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
868052 -- Toolbar does not appear when hardware menu button is pressed (HTC G2, Android 2.3) VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
868998 -- Reveal title bar by scrolling a certain distance. VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
869156 P1 Cannot reshow dynamic toolbar on zoom out after hiding it when zoomed in VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
869411 P1 About:home is cut off beneath title bar VERIFIED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
872528 -- Password doorhanger is not displayed on Gingerbread VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
876562 -- In Fennec content behind fullscreen content should not be pannable, zoomable, or visible VERIFIED Timothy Nikkel (:tnikkel)
877602 -- Deadzone/can't tap link after address bar is scrolled out of view VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
886077 P1 Can't access address bar using Spiel screen reader VERIFIED Max Li [:maxli]
886576 -- Unable to show the dynamic address bar on short Twitter pages VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
892246 -- Urlbar doesn't auto-show on, about:healthreport on tablet VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
896547 -- Dynamic toolbar causes scroll events to be fired repeatedly VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
898877 -- Dynamic toolbar hides when page fits the screen VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
902138 -- [Tablet] - Unable to regain access to the the address-bar on after scrolling; no way to reveal dynamic toolbar VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
911152 P5 The Dissolve website can not be scrolled RESOLVED
944925 -- Add an option to switch dynamic toolbar mode RESOLVED Tetsuharu OHZEKI [:tetsuharu] (UTC+9)
955886 -- Title bar is visible in fullscreen with "Hide title bar when scrolling" unchecked when using document.mozFullScreen VERIFIED Josh Dover [:jdover]

45 Total; 0 Open (0%); 18 Resolved (40%); 27 Verified (60%);


  • Declutters the viewing screen when browsing by free-ing up screen real estate
  • Of special import for smaller, lower-to-mid tier smartphones where screens are physically smaller, therefore freeing up viewing real estate is even more important to the user


  • Show the URL bar when a user actively seeks to interact with it
  • When a user is simply reading a page, make the URL bar hide
  • Make the bar visible when a user 'pulls down' the screen

User stories

  • As a user, I want the navigation bar to hide so that my entire screen is used for browsing.
  • As a user, I want to be able to pull down the navigation bar, so that I can have access to this bar whenever I want it easily and seamlessly.

UX design

  • Associated bug for tracking
    • NB: One difference in implementation from the animation and current implementation is that the bar is pulled down wherever in the screen the user 'pulls down'

Quality criteria

  1. User stories are satisfied
  2. Specifications are met