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The idea is to provide a stand-alone app that can be downloaded via the Google Play store. However for increased utility, it should also serve as a complementary application to Firefox for Android.

Target Audience

Android phone users with a WebRTC supported browser (preferably Firefox). First intention is to support the seamless receipt of baseline Hello interactions. Second intention is to build in user value to having the client sit alongside Firefox for Android.


Feeds into the Firefox mobile MAU, desktop and Firefox Accounts KPIs

Product Requirements v1

The following use cases and requirements are targeting a first release of the application.

Receiving a Call

Firefox desktop to Android phone

As a user, I am sending a Hello call-me link from my desktop to a recipient who may receive it on their Android smartphone (in advance of checking on their desktop). My recipient opens up the message (via SMS or email) on their Android smartphone and taps on the link, which opens up in a WebRTC-enabled browser, preferably Firefox. If no browser exists or if Firefox is not installed, prompt the user to download Firefox for Android.

  • Upon opening a text or email with a link on an Android smartphone,
    • If Firefox is installed on the phone, launch Firefox
    • If another WebRTC-enabled browser is installed on the phone, launch that browser and show a message on the landing page promoting the use of Firefox (with a link to the GPlay store landing page for download). User can still continue using the currently-launched browser if they so wish.
    • If no WebRTC-enabled browser is installed on the phone, launch the default browser and show a page with a message promoting Firefox with a link to the GPlay store landing page for download.

As a user, I want to hear the caller, see the caller or neither in a simple and intuitive way.

  • Audio is assumed if you are accepting a call
  • Video is an optional setting a recipient can accept or deny
  • Menu for these must be simple, one-click and intuitive without getting in the way of the interaction

As a user, if the caller has included a link they want to discuss, I want to either view the page at my leisure, or view the page while I'm talking with the caller. If I am talking to the caller after loading the link, if I am holding my phone away, audio automatically goes to speakerphone (if no headset is connected) via a setting I can turn off.

  • If a caller wants to send a link to the recipient,

UX design

  • Not handed off yet

Success Criteria

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