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Development Plan


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Draft Feature List

The below table is a list of features currently under consideration for inclusion in Firefox 45. The list of features will change - unannounced - and if you need more details feel free to contact your specific partner product managers for a more detailed view of the feature set for Firefox OS Release 2.5.

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
1180659 As a developer I want access to developer tools that enable me to hack directly on the device, so that I can create my own experience. I want access to tools like sharing, customiser and webmaker
1180660 As a user I want to be able to raise bugs directly from the device so that I can inform Mozilla directly of any of my requirements. it should be easy to attach logs - it should be easy to attach screenshots - it should receive feedback on the ID of the bug i have raised - it should be easy to get an overview of all the items I have raised
1180662 As a user I want to be able to get/provide help to others in the community relating to Firefox OS so that everyone can gain knowledge about how Firefox OS works. I want to have a application name that is easy for users to understand - I want to be able to get updates to the app via marketplace
Personal 1180672 As a user I want to be able to install add-ons so that I can modify the app to fit my needs. I want to be able to find find add-ons on marketplace - I want to be ane to view al add-on installed and able to uninstall add-ons
1180665 As a user I want to be able to choose between different homescreens so that I can personlise the look and fell of the device to my own perferences. I want to be able to swap between homescreens without having to restart my device - I want to install the new homescreen without resetting the device
1180666 As a user I want to be able to manage homescreens on the device so I can easily manage what is installed on my device. I want to be able to download homescreens from marketplace - I want to be able to delete previously installed homescreens - I want to be able to keep the default homescreen as a fall back when all other homescreens are deleted
1180668 As a user, I would like the device to recognize configurable voice commands to complete actions so that I can do simple activities by voice command only. I want to support 8 configurable voice commands - I want to use the Voicespeech API
1180669 As a user I want to be able to seach the web and pin any website to my homescreen so that I have quick and easy access to all the content that interests me. I do not want to "install" and experience needs to be seamless - I want any content that I pin to homescreen to be deletable - I want an easy way to view the pinned items from the homescreen
Privacy 1180674 As a user I want the ability not to be visiting sites that track my movement so that i can safely browse the web without being tracked. Support blacklist same as desktop
1180675 As a user I want to be able to use private browsing on my device so I can fully browse the web without my history and cookies being stored on the device. UX specs from Francis
Direct Contributor Updates 1180678 As Mozilla we want to be able to offer updates directly to our contributors so that we can provide better support for reported bugs and features. I want Mozilla to host upgrade paths - I want to have a rollback solution (1 version back) - I want to see information on release before upgrading - I want to have updated only for Foxfooding devices. - I want Moilla to provide a full update for my foxfooding device (gaia/gecko/gonk)
Device performance/Metrics 1180695 As a user, I want to have better device startup time than on similar market fit devices so that I have a great experience from when i switch on the device. I want to have a minimum device startup time of 35 seconds measured from power button press to lock screen useability. - I want to be able to collect device startup time over the air
1180696 As a user, I want to have better app startup time than on previous firefox OS devices so that I have a more engaging instant user experience. I want to have a minimum app startup times (ms) : - settings: 2474; music: 1066; gallery: 1113; fm: 604; email: 2129; dialer: 851; contacts: 773; clock: 1232; camera:1492; calendar:1454; - I want app startup data to be collected over the air
1180699 As Mozilla, I want to be able to collect developer metrics on the apps I have provided to our user, so that I can debug issues. I want to define metrics for each app that I develop; I want to data to be collected over the air
1180701 As Mozilla, we want accurate activated device count, so that we can make data driven business decisions which are based on activated devices count. - Accurate count of devices activated (not overwrite the memory space by OEM scripts on reflash)
1167167 As a user, I want to be able to still use phone and SMS when no storage in device so I can still be reachable via my device. I want a message that tells me that the device is running out of memeory - I want to be pointed to what I can do to increase free memory space - I want to be notificed what restrictions will apply when i continue making/recevieing calls or sending/receiving sms.
1180703 As Mozilla, we want to offer an imporved media performance, so that users can have a a great overall product experience.
1180705 As Mozilla, we would like to have a better display performance so that users can have a better overall product experience.
Local Configuration 1180707 As a operator I want to be able to offer locally relevant apps to my customers on first startup so that they have instant access to these apps. I want the apps to be downloaded to the customers directly - I want to inform the user that downloads are taking place - I want to make apps available based on the operator and country - I want my users to be able to delete these apps if they want to - I want apps to be available for users who may not have data service when using FTU - I want the notification to arrive just like any other app update notification on my device.
1179459 As Mozilla we want to offer the best RTL experience on our new release of Firefox OS so that all languages can be correctly supported for our user base. RTL support to be improved to the updated final spec.
Architecture Evolution 1180716 As mozilla we want to implement the FE/BE split first apps. FE/BE split on Contacts (TEF), sms, music, fm radio (Phoxygen) - Application support serviceworkers
1180718 As Mozilla, we want to be able to offer our users the ability to run apps without installing them on our devices so that they can have a more web like experience. Implement and support the new security model
Devices Support 1180719 As Mozilla, we want to better support our foxfooders so that we can create a bigger community around Firefox OS. We want to support B2GDroid and Andoird Ports

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