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ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
834359 -- Canvas drawImage() and fillText() needs to be faster NEW esawin
834360 -- Make scrolling better in pdf.js NEW
834361 -- Fix zooming in pdf.js NEW
881974 P3 pdf.js uses too much memory NEW
938230 -- Crashing, rendering problems when using pdf.js add-on NEW
938235 -- Designs for PDF.js on fennec NEW
952844 P2 Move pdf.js and Shumway from /browser to a toplevel directory NEW

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)


Add PDF.js support to Firefox for Android so users do not have to rely on third party apps to retrieve, view, and interact with PDF documents obtained from the Web.


User stories

See designs here: bug 938235.

UX design

See designs here: bug 938235.

Quality criteria