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  • TBD - depends on Fx Accounts landing & being integrated into Sync setup.


With the new Firefox Accounts method for Sync setup, we want to ramp up our promotion of the Sync feature. Initially this will be limited to a promotional snippet.


Using the existing promotional banner space, create a "snippet"-alike that will let users know about the Sync service and to initiate the flow for setting up that service.

Features/User stories

  • As a user who has never heard of the Sync service, I would like to be told about it through the promotional banner on my Firefox Home Screen, so I can learn about it without having to first read about it on the web somewhere, or stumbling across it accidentally when digging around my menus.
  • As a user, when I tap on the promotional banner, I want the Sync setup flow to be initiated, so I can just tap-and-go to get things started.
  • As a user, once I have tapped on the promotional banner for Sync and I've set it up, I don't want to see that content on my Home screen again, because it's annoying and makes no sense.
  • As a user, I would like to be given tips about other ways I can use or configure my Sync service -- through my Settings, on other devices, etc. -- so I can take full advantage of the service as it currently exists, so some other Dynamic Snippets should be created to let users know about these things (Marketing's work, but need to let them know we want stuff like this).

UX design

  • Will need an icon/image of some sort that the marketing team will be able to include in the snippet.


  • Sync is a significant element in supporting the overall Firefox ecosystem, and we need to help promote this service as we can and as makes sense. This is in direct support of one of our primary 2014 goals.

Quality criteria

  • All user stories & goals met and fully tested.
  • No negative performance impact.
  • Telemetry probes are included where it makes sense.