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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
750678 P2 Implement reading list navigation at the bottom of reader view articles RESOLVED
784387 P3 Long press Reader Mode icon to add article to Reading List VERIFIED aditya2204
814587 -- Add "Add to Reading List" to link context menu RESOLVED Lucas Rocha (:lucasr)
857987 -- Add a 'Night Mode' to Reader Mode RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
857989 -- Add Serif/Sans Serif font toggle to Reader Mode VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
857990 -- Save/Restore scroll position for an article in Reader Mode RESOLVED
861943 -- Unable to copy URL from fennec on awesomescreen RESOLVED (inactive) Jim Chen [:jchen] [:darchons]
862445 -- Adjust reader mode content layout for serif fonts RESOLVED Mark Capella [:capella]
862543 -- Rethink "exit reader" icon VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
871014 -- Refine Reader Menu VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
871524 -- Fine tune Reader Mode margins for tablet landscape mode RESOLVED Marcos A. Di Pietro
871593 P1 Improved article-to-article Reading List navigation RESOLVED
871600 -- Add end mark to Reader Mode articles RESOLVED
871994 -- Improve toast shown after Add to Reading List long press RESOLVED
872003 -- Fade from light to dark could be smoother / faster RESOLVED Nicolas Carlo [:nickecarlo]
872005 -- Reader Mode: Able to add pages to reading list on devices incapable of accessing Reader Mode VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
872046 -- Refine "Entering Reader Mode" experience RESOLVED
872961 -- Reader Mode controls do not work if the content is scrolled RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
872965 -- Exit Reader Mode icon takes user back, but not necessarily to original article RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic
873670 -- Reader mode icon doesn't appear if you open an article from the reading list in a new tab RESOLVED :Margaret Leibovic

20 Total; 0 Open (0%); 15 Resolved (75%); 5 Verified (25%);